Unlocking Your Superpower: Why You’re Blocking Your Psychic Abilities

Do you have superpowers? Why are you blocking your psychic abilities?

Transform your life by embracing your innate psychic abilities.

There are many reasons you block your super powers.

Sometimes you do it early in life, when you realize as a child that your psychic abilities are unacceptable. You also start shutting down your innate abilities as an adult — because these abilities don’t fit into your self image or worldview. Or, it dawns on you that your gifts are causing more disruption than they’re worth.

So you close off that part of yourself, and sometimes you do this so well that you become unaware of it. Your abilities become hidden, even from yourself.

Are extrasensory abilities a gift or a curse?

In this post, I share one of my super powers and how this psychic ability felt way more like a handicap than a blessing — until I fully owned it.

I have a superpower, and I blocked it, hid it away, for years.

My superpower isn’t a big reveal. If you’ve listened to any of the audio spells on my YouTube channel or used one of the extra potent spells from my private audio library, you’ve already experienced this extraordinary ability.

I can create energy bridges. By entering a specific state of consciousness and encoding it into sound, I allow you, the listener, to enter that state of consciousness too. You don’t have to practice, train, or even understand it—you just use the audio as an energy bridge.

You might be surprised to learn that I worked very hard to suppress this superpower for many years.

Why would I want to block this…gift?

A gift can be a curse until you know how to use it.

Now I experience my super power as a gift, something useful. But it wasn’t always so.

My ability extends beyond encoding states of consciousness into sound. It’s one of many expressions of my superpower. I can magnetize people to my state of consciousness, not through intention or effort, but as my natural default. It’s so inherent that I’m usually unaware it’s happening. To avoid doing it requires intention and effort.

You might still be wondering what the downside is to this ability. Why did I see this as more of a curse than a blessing?

I’ll explain it, and when you see the bigger picture, it may be easier to look at your own life and experiences to suss out if you’ve also been blocking, avoiding or somehow disowning your own super power.

So, imagine me, Amara, going through a normal life. Work, friends, lovers, eventually a husband. All the while, I’m unknowingly magnetizing people to my state of consciousness.

I say unknowingly, but I did know I “had some effect” on people, this was evident — and people even commented on it. But it wasn’t obvious to what extent this was happening, or what the consequences were. It took years before I started to understand how this shaped my life, and especially my relationships.

People wanted to be around me for the wrong reasons.

There came a point when I had a stark realization: nearly everyone close to me, most of my friends, my husband even, treated me like some kind of drug, because my magnetizing energy field relieve their anxiety, thought loops and emotional dysregulation.

People wanted to be around me for the wrong reasons.

Subconsciously, they associated being around me with instantly feeling calm, centered, grounded, secure and expansive. People instinctively sought me out as a kind ballast for their emotional and mental health.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault but eventually this became an unhealthy, unconscious, root dynamic in many of my relationships.

As my baseline state of consciousness became more unusual, things got weird.

Over the years, my baseline state of consciousness changed. I had a series of intense, profound spiritual transformations — but rather than fading over time into discrete spiritual experiences, they became my baseline, resting state of consciousness. I didn’t glimpse the other side, I stepped through to the other side.

And since my default mode is to magnetize people into my frequency, into my state of consciousness…well, it turned into a bit of a circus. Especially in those early years.

People would randomly trance out, lose time, have strange experiences around me.

I would frequently lose people in the middle of conversations. I could see the moment when they got sucked in, their eyes going wide and glazing over. From that point, they likely wouldn’t even remember what I was saying. They were having visions. They were dreaming awake.

People couldn’t hold onto their conscious minds in this dreaming-awake frequency field.

Things got pretty weird. And at this point, I still didn’t understand the scope or mechanics of this super power — all I knew was it was a nuisance and I didn’t want it.

I couldn’t control this psychic ability, so I started avoiding people.

I avoided being around people for 8 years. I hung out with the trees and the sea and the animals. My super power was only a problem around people and this made me wonder if I perhaps the rest of my life was best lived as a recluse.

But this was just a cop out. Sure, avoiding people meant I didn’t have to deal with the complications of my super power, but I didn’t have to take responsibility for it, either.

Avoiding people wasn’t a solution, it was a coping mechanism, and a poor one at that. A real solution would have been to integrate and master my super power.

We treat super powers we’re born with differently to skills we intentionally develop

It’s odd to think that super powers we’re born with often live in our blind spots. If I had sought out this super power and worked to develop it, I would have approached it much differently.

But because it’s always been there and I’ve never had to work at it or even intend for it happen — it feels like it’s “just happening” rather than “I’m doing it”. I never felt any sense of agency with this ability.

When something feels like it’s just happening, it’s not obvious that you can or should control it. Innate super powers can be hard to comprehend directly, they can be nebulous and difficult to pin down — but you know they’re there because the strange, unintended effects keep piling up.

This is especially true when your super power is hard to name or neatly categorize. Not all super powers fit a clear category, like telekinesis or energy healing — these are recognizable and easy to understand.

I describe my super power as being able to create energy bridges, but that’s only one facet, one expression of this super power. I don’t really know what to call the actual, full super power.

I mean, seriously…I create energy bridges? What does that even mean? Innate superpowers can be hard to comprehend directly. They’re nebulous, but their effects are undeniable.

Are you willing to integrate your super power?

Now I know that being around people isn’t the problem. My super power isn’t the problem. The problem is that a superpower, unrecognized and unmastered, can be more of a burden than a gift.

Channeling my superpower into my audios has been a transformative journey. I continue to learn and experiment and interrogate this layer of my reality so I can realize the benefits without feeling helplessly subject to so many unintended side effects.

Integrating and mastering your superpower can unlock a web of related abilities that enhance your life.

Super powers — the big ones that you’re born with — are often nested, or connected to a web of related abilities. When you shut down the core super power, it cuts you off from easy, natural connection to all those associated abilities. 

Sometimes you can still access these related abilities, but instead of doing it naturally, you have to use devices — like rituals or implements, or you rely on other beings as mediators to power and connect you.

Once you fully reclaim and integrate your primary super power, you gain natural, direct access to the entire web of related abilities. You’ll still need to practice expanding your sense of self in order welcome and encompass these abilities as they flow back to you.

So, what’s your super power?

Consider your own super power — do you recognize a similar pattern in your own life?

  • Do you have an ability that’s so innate that it just feels like it’s happening, that you aren’t really doing it and that you don’t have control over it?
  • Have people reacted to it, or have you experienced unwanted side effects that made you wish it would just go away?
  • Did you retreat from this super power, downplay it or even disown it?
  • Are you connecting with related abilities indirectly, relying on other beings or external sources of power, authority and access? 

Superpowers can feel like a curse, until you take responsibility for them. Once you’re willing and ready to fully receive them and walk through life with them, it’s like coming home from a long exile. 

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