What’s Blocking Your Psychic Abilities?

Guided meditation to activate psychic abilities and magic

How can I become more magical and cultivate my natural psychic abilities?

Magic is real. You know this.

If you’re already magically operative, read on to find out how to remove blocks and fully embody your magic and abilities.
If you feel like you can’t access your magic at all, this section is for you.
Reasons you should be cultivating your magic and abilities now.

You know you have extrasensory abilities. You know miracles and magic are real. So what’s stopping you from fully embracing your magic?

You fear your abilities.

Who can fault you for it? Psychic abilities have consequences. Being able to talk to the dead, having precognitive dreams, being an empath, communicating with non-physical beings or embodying the many other extranormal abilities can be unsettling, at least.

If you were born with active abilities, you likely had experiences as a child that were frightening and overwhelming, especially if your family didn’t share and understand these abilities. There was no one to support you, to explain what was happening or to guide you in how to manage your connections and energy.

You may have disengaged yourself early in life from the layers of your reality where those abilities reside, to spare yourself the chaos that unskilled and uncontrolled abilities tend to leave in their wake. You may not even remember having these abilities at all.

But you’re not a child anymore. You can’t selectively cut yourself off from magic and your natural abilities without shutting down a lot of other aspects of yourself in the process — beautiful strengths and gifts that are part of your rich endowment in this life.

The fear is real, though. Sometimes you are aware of it, or part of it — and sometimes it’s buried quite deep, always putting on the brakes to certain abilities, or obscuring them entirely.

You fear being judged, labelled, ridiculed or dismissed by others.

Are you crazy? Gullible? Superstitious? Credulous? 

I thought you were intelligent, competent…a serious person. I thought you were respectable, trustworthy, sincere. But here you are talking nonsense about magic abilities and psychic powers!

Claiming extrasensory abilities or a deep magical connection isn’t respectable. Prepare to have your sanity and maturity seriously questioned, whether that’s to your face or behind your back. 

You might believe you don’t care what other people think about you, so let them judge, who cares?

Be real. We are social animals and unless you are a hermit, if other people suspect you’re crazy or idiotic, this will have an impact on the quality of your life at some point. 

The interesting thing is, you’ll judge, criticize and dismiss yourself, pre-emptively. We’ve all internalized this cultural rejection of anything that doesn’t neatly conform to consensus reality — even if we believe we fully accept magic. There’s still this residual inner gatekeeper that judges some of our magic as unacceptable, a step too far. 

We want others to see us as sane, smart, reasonable people, but we also need to see ourselves that way internally. Even when no one is looking. We’ve internalized this judge that decides this kind of ability is okay, this much magic is okay, but that…that ability — no way! Stop right there! Don’t go any further! 

Because if you stray beyond an arbitrary line this judge has established, you deem yourself chaotic, crazy, delusional. You may be okay with energy healing, but bending time? That’s crazy.

If you don’t truly trust your sanity, if you haven’t established that your sanity is robust enough to support you as far as you wish to explore, then you will absolutely not cross the line set for you by this internal gatekeeper. 

You need to know how your powers work. You feel the need to prove magic is real, psychic abilities are real — to yourself or others.

You initiate a beautiful flow of pure magic, and…your mind kicks in. How did I do that? How does this work? What’s happening? Is this like that thing that so and so wrote in that book, that I also heard someone talk about in a lecture last year when I took that workshop on magic?

The mind wants to grab hold of your magic, to insert itself where it doesn’t belong and has no efficacy.

Very rarely can someone effectively codify their magic without injecting a lot of dissonance in the flow.

Part of this reflex is the mind’s invasive habit. It often acts like an invasive species. Another reason this happens is because you have a deep insecurity about your magic, and you feel compelled to prove it, to explain it and to justify it. Which is really to say, you need to explain and justify yourself.

Not just to others, but also to yourself, internally. This can be very obvious and pronounced, or subtle and hard to catch. But there it is, needing to validate yourself, justify yourself.

Basically, there is still a voice that says your magic is not okay, it’s something weird or evil or defective or shameful. Why can’t you be normal? This is embarrassing! What a waste of time!

You can react in many ways to this internal self-rejection. You might develop a brash and defensive kind of pride and identity around being psychic or magically gifted. Or you might try to gather evidence, build your case and constantly try to defend yourself against external or internal rejection by proving, justifying or explaining — as though this part of you is constantly on trial.

This is antithetical to the flow of natural magic. And all the energy you waste could be put toward something more useful, like learning how to safely and elegantly conduct the flow.

We are embarrassed and ashamed to be magical, to expand so far beyond the bounds of consensus reality. It’s weird, but true.

We can embody that shame directly by being overtly embarrassed, apologetic and feeling we always need to qualify, prove, justify or explain —  or we go the other route and cover it over with pride, bluster and a bombastic “magical” identity.

You know being fully magical will profoundly alter your consciousness.

The idea that you’ll still be the same, only you’ll have abilities — that’s not how it works. When you fully embrace your magic, you won’t have abilities, you’ll be magical.

You’ll be magical.

Magic on this level is something you are, not something you do or have. It’s not something you add to your existing self, like getting a new tool set.

You become magical. Not a dabbler or hobbyist or practitioner, but someone whose very being is calibrated to conduct the flow of magic. Your mind, your body and spirit are in accord with the flow of natural magic. Unity. 

You’ll care about different things. You’ll think different thoughts. You’ll be different. Not a little, but a lot. It doesn’t need to be something you broadcast to others, but internally, you will be significantly transformed. 

You might think that’s awesome, but no…this is not incremental change. You’re dealing with a different kind of combustion. This is alchemical, and we resist becoming unless it’s fed to us in seemingly manageable, incremental, predictable bytes. 

Becoming is unpredictable, it’s the union of surrender and fierce courage. 

Being powerful makes you uncomfortable.

Power. Even the word might stir up some feelings. We might prefer the more agreeable abilities to describe magic. 

We’ve absorbed a lot of beliefs about Power, from the time we were very small children. We’ve been put in our place. We’ve heard that power corrupts. Or that it’s unspiritual and greedy. 

What is your deep, mostly unexamined relationship to Power? Really. 

Magic is Power. I’m not going to qualify it or explain it. I’m not going to infantilize you by neutering it in any way. If you’ve ever conducted a pure flow of magic, there is no denying that this is Power. 

And for most of us, Power is uncomfortable. If you’re going to become unambiguously magical, you need to clean up this layer of your belief system. 

The greater the Power, the greater the responsibility. They move together. I’m not talking about curbing your cringy secret desire to hex your ex-husband’s new girlfriend, either. 

If your mind can increasingly conduct the Power of magic, then you can no longer afford to think crappy, random, pre-packaged thoughts. Imagine the level of responsibility required to only host thoughts that were aligned with your intention, with your Good?

Aren’t we all just way too lazy and indulgent for that? Don’t we all want to retain the option to indulge in a nice cold slab of worry or catastrophizing or outrage? 

If your body increasingly becomes the conduit of more magical Power, subtly conducting this Power and weaving it into reality — what naff physical habits will you need to forgo? 

If your imagination becomes the storyboard of magical Power, you’ll have to stop randomly imprinting it with images of suffering, death, gore, porn-ish — you’ll need to learn to cherish and protect the magical medium of your imagination. 

Power makes us uneasy. We’re not sure about it at all. 

Power comes with a level of responsibility that means we’ll have to give up our indulgences, our sloppiness, our excuses and delay tactics. We won’t be able to pretend anymore that our thoughts, our bodies and our imaginations don’t really matter, or only matter sometimes. We won’t be able to get away with being careless with them.

And that’s a lot to give up, no? 

We all know this on some level. And so we only want a safe taste of magic, like going to the ice cream shop and getting those little sample spoons to try different flavors. 

You believe you don’t know how to cultivate your psychic abilities.

It’s much safer to dream about magic and talk about magic and idealize magic and fantasize about magic and dabble in magic — than to become magical.

So you make yourself believe you don’t know how, or that the knowledge is out there, occult. It’s not. But if you have to go chasing after it, then you have a perfectly good reason to make sure it doesn’t just happen. Because that might be inconvenient. 

You currently have access to whatever information you need right now to become magical. No, it’s not the entire story, the whole map with all the steps. It’s self-delusion that makes you even think that is what you’re looking for — some ultimate treatise on magic. 

What you need is the step that’s perfect for your right now. And then in the next moment, you need that step, insight, dream, activation, synchronicity or opening. You need one at a time, and you always have access to the one you need right now, if you learn and practice and keep faith with this inner-consultation. 

But the mind wants something grand and interesting and diverting. The step you need right now might be very small or subtle, but if you don’t take it, you can’t get the next one. 

You need to learn to consult yourself. Not your fantasy or thoughts or wishes, but to go directly into the temple at the very center, your sacred center space, and bring forth the treasures there that are perfect for you, in this moment. 

To do this, you’ll need to create a living, daily, moment by moment relationship with that center space. It’s not something you do on the weekends or auspicious lunations. It’s a way of being and living, fully integrated.

Steps you can take right now to become more magical and improve your natural psychic and ultra sensory abilities.

Become intimately familiar with your energy field.

What is your energy field? Learn to see it, feel it, know what’s happening within it. What is the quality of the energy? Where is it flowing? What’s siphoning it away? What’s crimping it off?

Learn to communicate with your energy field, or what I often call the personal biosphere. 

How about your boundary? What is it? What state is it in? Learn to see it, feel it, and communicate with it. 

I’m not sure there is an end to this learning. After all these years, I continue to develop an increasingly rich understanding and connection with my biosphere and boundary. 

Be silent.

On this topic, developing and practicing your personal magic: be silent. Watch for any impulse from the ego to talk about it. When the impulse arises, don’t simply shut it down, but notice, and really examine it. 

What is the motive? Do you want to sound interesting? Are you seeking validation or reassurance? Are you trying to prove something? Do you need recognition? Are you trying to push back against the OverCulture? Are you making a statement? Look very deeply and be honest. Whatever you find is ok. 

Talking about magic or psy phenomena generally is one thing. Talking about your personal abilities, practice and development is what I’m suggesting you reserve in silence. 

Not as a hard and fast rule, because there may be people and situations where it’s safe, healthy and even beneficial to share, or exchange ideas and experiences. But be very clear, sober and judicious with whom you share and especially…why. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your motivations and any insecurities, fears and ego involvement that lie beneath the surface. 

When you discover them, don’t judge yourself. Just notice. It’s very valuable information, and it will help you clear out old beliefs and vulnerabilities that need attention.

There are other reasons to be silent, too. If you share with the wrong people for the wrong reasons, you can dilute your potency. Another reason is to avoid being overly influenced by others: their beliefs, opinions, judgments and worldviews — even if they are open to the idea of magic or expanded abilities.

Once you have firmly established yourself as your own authority, this last point will be less of an issue, because you’ll have developed a kind of influence-resistant coating which will allow you to interact with the beliefs and worldviews of others without being influenced by them.

Realistically, very few people have developed a closed-loop energy system. 

Learn to control the predictive mind.

Your mind does this really cool thing every second you are awake and sober: it predicts what’s going to happen next. 

This is useful and important for just about every part of daily living, but it’s a straitjacket for the flow of miracles. 

The predictive mind doesn’t draw from all possible things that could happen next, it only has access to what it already knows and believes. It’s also programmed to conserve energy, so it just gives you the top three options for what will happen next. (Three is a figurative quantity here)

So, let’s unpack all this a bit: it only has access to what it knows and believes. This means it has to have experienced or known about something before and it has to believe it.

Here’s something you may not realize: you’ve experienced magic before, and miracles and the Anomalous. You have. And one of two things happened. 

Your system registered it, accepted that it was magic, but then it was over ridden by your fears and insecurities and doubts and that inner gatekeeper I mentioned previously. So while part of you said Yes! to this, you did not accept it with your whole being. 

This results in a kind of inner dissonance, where you say you believe it and claim it is true, but in fact…if I was to go into your Inner Filing System, I would find it filed under Wishes Fantasies & Alt Reality — not under Facts About My World.

The other thing that happens is you experience magic, a miracle, the Anomalous, and your system erases it immediately so it never gets processed at all. It gets dumped into the Repressed Memory bin.

In either of these cases, your predictive mind — even if it has experienced magic before — doesn’t have that data filed in the areas it draws from: things it knows about and believes. Your magic and miracles are not stored in Facts About My World. 

The predictive mind doesn’t solely determine what actually happens next, but it does exert an enormous influence — as it stamps its framework and endorsement onto the flow of potential. And if you’re actively seeking to influence your stream contrary to the predictive mind, you’re likely outmatched. 

It’s tricky, but you need to practice bringing the predictive mind to a complete standstill when you’re actively engaging your magic — especially if it’s magic you haven’t firmly established yourself in. Otherwise the predictive mind will impose a framework for the outcome. 

If there are abilities you use all the time and they’ve been filed in Facts About Your World, the predictive mind won’t pose such a strong counter force. But if you’re reaching and expanding your magic, it’s important to become aware of the workings of the predictive mind, and learn how to bring it to complete stillness while you are communicating with the flow of potentials.

Your predictive mind doesn’t operate when you’ve taken psychedelic drugs or when you’re dreaming. That’s interesting.

I’m not advocating drugs at all (practicing Advanced Dreaming is better), but as a thought experiment, examining and thinking about which states of consciousness do not contain an active predictive mind can be very revealing. 

Clearly, this function of mind isn’t always on. Also, there are states of consciousness where we operate without it, so it’s clearly not necessary to run all the time. You can investigate the dreaming mind to learn what it feels like when the predictive mind isn’t switched on, and you can reverse engineer that experience. 

Uncover and face your fears about having psychic abilities.

Oh goodness. Just when you think you’ve cleaned it all up, fears, beliefs, wounds around magic come bubbling to the surface, again!

It’s okay, though. It happens in layers and you’ll keep finding older, more subtle artifacts to look at, sympathize with and then integrate. 

As you move into different aspects of magic, or embody it more deeply and fully, you’ll encounter old programs and reflexes and impulses and worldviews and sensitive spots. 

This is great. Whenever something comes to the surface, welcome it! No matter how misshapen, unpleasant or unflattering it appears to be. It’s showing itself, and that means you can integrate the trapped energy within it. 

Cultivate mental and emotional autonomy.

Oh, that again. If you’ve followed me for a while, taken any of my courses or read through my blog — you can’t escape this exhortation. 

All roads lead here. Whether you’re following the magical path or the spiritual enlightenment path or the self development path — we’re all going to end up at this spot, enjoying a giant potluck party together. 

Wake up. Grow up. Deprogram. Get out of default mode. Clean up your energy field. Learn what your moods and emotions are about. Learn how to manage your energy in relationships. Learn how to avoid getting hooked and corded. No excuses. Tag, You’re It.

Practice daily.

Practice magic daily. It’s not a big deal. Don’t make anything of it. But do it. 

For around the past decade, I spend 15 minutes nearly every day practicing one of these two magical abilities: teleportation or psychokinesis. It absolutely does not matter if I teleport or move the paperclip with my mind. It’s not the point. 

This kind of practice isn’t about success or failure, cause and effect outcomes. I practice with a light heart, and a sense of fun and exploration, but I’m also earnest. When I practice teleportation, for instance, I don’t do it in my pajamas. I assume it will work, and there aren’t many places I’d like to show up in my PJs. 

I’ve never teleported, but other related abilities have become activated, quite unexpectedly — and they are very interesting! I don’t feel the least bit disappointed when my 15 minutes are up and I’m still in my own house. That doesn’t matter, it’s fruitful in many ways, and sometimes those ways don’t become evident until later. 

Just the act of engaging with a form of magic that is outside of your known abilities, without judgment about results, brings you into an open and playful relationship with your magic. I show up to play, and my magic plays with me, too. 

I’ve learned so much doing this, and it’s rewired me in a way that brings back my delight in being magical that I lost as a child out of fear and cultural censure. My magic has become a flow I don’t seek to control, but rather — I sing to it, and it sings back.

Practicing magic that is outside the bounds of my known skill set in this way has uncovered many beliefs and fears and conditions — many of these are carried over from other lives. 

Doing this daily also gives me a lot of data over time about what affects my focus, energy and ability to conduct the flow of magic. Foods I eat, social interactions, the quality of my sleep, geographical locations and environments, blue light exposure — I have a much better understanding of what improves or hinders my magic.

I also get to investigate different techniques and variations. How does the flow feel different when I’m teleporting to my daughter’s house vs a lakeside bench in Switzerland I used to love to sit at and feed the swans vs a place I’ve never been but have a picture of vs going from my bedroom to my kitchen? How does moving a paperclip feel different than a crystal or a potted plant? 

Why is it important to cultivate your magic and psychic abilities?

If magic seems whimsical to you, then I suggest you look deeper.

I’m not talking about ritual magic or religious magic. This is about natural magic, attuning yourself to the layer of reality where the flow, the pulse, the making of magic is natural, not fantastical.

Healing & Integration

If you were born with your magic already activated, you’ve probably developed fears, wounds, insecurities, internalized judgement and coping mechanisms to blunt your experience of magic or compensate for it by, for instance, becoming hyper rational.

You may have disowned aspects of yourself, powered down parts of your energy field, forcibly closed connections.

Cultivating your magic is bringing yourself home. It’s a form of reclaiming your magical child selves that were left behind. It may not have felt safe or comfortable to be your magical self, and so you buried it, but you’re not a child anymore, and you have the ability to reclaim and reintegrate these aspects of yourself.

When you do this, you’ll change. It’s not that you’ll just be your same self, with something added to you. Wholeness is more than the sum of the parts. Every time you integrate, you move toward wholeness, and you change.

As we move toward wholeness, we become harder to use, confuse and manipulate.

Resist Enslavement

Becoming magical isn’t about doing magic, it’s about being magic, becoming. As you do this, you learn to accept more power, to carry more power and to be more powerful — not over others, but in your own life. You become the locus of authority and responsibility in your own life.

If you’re not in charge of yourself, someone or more likely, something else will be.

Sometimes we can see this as people, organizations or culture overtly exercising authority and control over us. But increasingly it’s the carrot, not the stick, that confounds and enslaves us.

There are elements of the world that work actively to grind the magic out of us, to separate us entirely from that flow, to alienate us from it — in order to replace it with a product, a technology, an ideology.

The net is closing rapidly around us, in ways we haven’t even begun to comprehend. We’re all plugged into it, and we thought we were shaping it to better serve us, but it’s quite the opposite.

Your ability to think, to feel, to imagine, to communicate, to perceive, to connect with and know deeply yourself and others and the world around you, to know what is real, to heal and regulate yourself — this is being increasingly externalized and altered by a nearly irresistible extrinsic synthetic influence.

We’re human. We’ve taken that for granted, mostly. We’ve examined our human condition through biology, archeology, phycology. But now we are tasked with finding out what being human actually means.

What does it mean to be human? What is at the heart of it? Where does your “humanity” reside and what does it feel like, what shapes can it take, what is its real value and potential? How can you preserve it, against the synthetic influence? How can you become fully human?

This is a deep and broad inquiry, and I believe it includes reclaiming the messy, unknown, hard to codify streams of magic and integrating the rational, linear, time bound layer of our realities with the magical. The conflict between the two realities is entirely fabricated. There is only unity, and perhaps an important part of our humanity is the expression of this unity.

Fully embodying your own magic, and strengthening your connection to your source of creation, is essential — not whimsical. 

Resist being over patterned. Resist being shaped according to the synthetic external force. Resist beguilement. Resist enslavement. 

Are you stranded in a world without magic?

Sometimes the Real World feels a bit too real.

I was chatting with someone about magic and miracles being commonplace, and she stomped her pretty foot and cried definitively, “no, they’re not!”

Perhaps you can relate. There are times when we feel like the Mundane World is all there is. It’s so heavy and so demanding and so consuming. We kind of get beached on the gritty shores of No Magic.

We’ve all been there.

There are some days, even now, when Consensus Realty seems particularly dense and impenetrable. Real magic isn’t an escape from reality, it is reality, beneath the superficial layers. But sometimes those surface layers of reality can exert an iron grip on your attention, focus and energy field. 

I can’t say for certain whether all people have a connection to magic. I know there are some who confidently claim that everyone has access to the stream of magic — and we have different levels of ability, just as we do with many other talents in life. 

What I can say confidently is that many people I’ve met over the years have unclaimed abilities. When they break through the surface, their minds either erase the memory of it, or file it somewhere other than Facts About My World. It’s diminished and forgotten. 

You may have had many such experiences, so the issue isn’t that you don’t have abilities or access — the problem is you can’t maintain awareness of them.

We mistakenly believe we have an accurate chronological memory of what happens in our lives, when in fact our mind is constantly editing. It fills in the blanks, literally just making things up in order to make the world conform to our expectations and beliefs. It also deletes things for the same reason. 

Cultivating your magic can be challenging. You’ve got to dissolve your fears, beliefs and blocks. Sometimes you know what they are, but many remain outside your awareness. You have to get to know the predictive mind and discover ways to master it. All while contending with the pervasive grid of OverCulture, always at work to overpattern your true nature. 

How about some help with that?

I’ve created a special Audio Spell to help you identify and clear beliefs, fears and blocks to your flow of natural magic. In it I guide you through biosphere breathing, connecting with your energy field and boundary, locking into the frequency of your magic and sealing it into your personal energy sphere.

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