Wealth: Reality Shifting Guided Meditation For Money

Learn How To Move Between Reality Streams

Use the techniques in this video to jump reality streams by finding the point of attachment and releasing it. The lush, layered audio is designed to guide you through the technique of locating your point of attachment to your current reality, releasing it, then shifting to your preferred reality stream.

This guided reality shifting meditation is specifically about wealth.

Use it to create wealth, experience wealth, move into a reality stream of wealth, prosperity and financial freedom.

However, you can use this technique for any kind of reality shifting, since the process of locating and releasing your point of attachment will be the same for any kind of reality jumping.


  • Length: 15 minutes  (14:41)
  • Binaural (stereo) 
  • Subliminal
  • Deeply layered
  • Brain hemisphere synchronization 


This video contains layered audio that is specifically designed to be heard by the left and right ear. Make sure you use the best headphones you have, and that the left and right sides are correctly placed on your head.

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
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Read the full article about releasing the point of attachment and shifting reality streams here. 

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