Vision and Prophecy

Tarot cards and candles.

Visions; seeing the future; second sight; intuitive medical diagnosis; clairaudience…these are just a few faculties that you may have suddenly gained after an enlightenment experience or Kundalini activation.

They may be new to you, or your prior abilities may have been nitro-enhanced by your Third Eye upgrade. Whatever the case, you may be wondering how to handle this new intel.

Unless it is absolutely evident that you are meant to share this information, I suggest you don’t. Not everything you see is important; not everything you see is relevant to others; each person has their own guidance so if the information is about them but didn’t come to them, perhaps there is a reason for that.

Are you able to see the future?

The relevant time to perceive fully is this very moment.  Yet, people rarely inhabit this very moment, and prefer to dwell in the past or ponder over the future.  Furthermore, there are many possible futures in many possible realities. You are seeing one possible future, based on the current trajectory.  So while it is entertaining to see one possible future in one possible reality, it’s neither important nor particularly helpful in most cases.

A really amazing skill would be the ability to anchor people, even for a few moments, into a full awareness and experience of the present moment. That would be gold.

Do you receive information about other people?

This may take many forms, from medical diagnoses to the personal history of others, or perhaps you hear or sense their thoughts.  Again, unless you receive a clear and valid directive to share it with them, keep it to yourself.  You may, for instance, meet someone and just know that recently their dog died. You can be kind and, without saying anything specific, hold a space of comfort and understanding for them.  There is no need to blurt out that you are aware of what has happened.

Indicating that you just “know” things about a person can feel creepy and intrusive, even if you never mean it that way.

If you receive medical information about a person that is not a close friend or family, think twice about saying anything directly. Having this particular ability can be a great gift, but is mostly a huge burden. You have to go very deep and take great care so that you can act from your highest integrity rather than any mental concepts and beliefs about saving lives or helping people.

Do you communicate with other people’s spirit guides?

You may see, sense and or hear the guides of other people.  Those guides may give you information and even ask you to do things.  It may seem like it is all in the highest good of the other person.

If the person has not asked for your help, clearly and specifically (and with their physical, mundane voice!) then think twice about acting on this.  There is a mistaken notion floating around that spirit guides are all super-evolved higher beings with impeccable motives and skillful means. In my experience this is not true.

Plus, every person has their own capacity to receive guidance.  Guidance is ever present. If they have shut themselves off from it, there is a reason for that. Everyone does things in their own time. And they may say that they really want to change, to uplevel and so on, when actually they are harboring significant resistance.  Until they resolve the resistance, no amount of visionary guidance or messages from their ancestors or intel from their spirit guides is going to change a thing. When they are ready to change, they will be able to get the message from their guides themselves.

Don’t become a psychic crutch.

Everyone has their own guidance. People are not helpless, just waiting for the lucky day they can find someone who can communicate with their spirit guides for them.  People don’t generally hear or even see their guides the way a person with second sight does, but they can still receive the information if they are ready and inclined to do so.  However, once a person knows you can communicate with their guides, it’s natural for most people to project that function onto you, or onto intuitives in general. Rather than strengthening their own connection and willingness, they begin to rely on you or other intuitives.

People can also become really fixated with speaking to their guides through other people. It’s just entertainment disguised as spiritual pursuit.  They don’t act on the information they receive, but they keep coming back to get more.

And again, relaying information to people out of the blue from their spirit guides can seem creepy and invasive, even if you don’t mean it that way.

So is that your advice, just to keep my mouth shut?

Everyone has their own guidance. Everyone does things in their own time, and that deep inner agenda may not be visible to you.  People may find your abilities creepy and invasive, they may feel exposed and vulnerable. Or just as bad, they may become fascinated or even fixated on your ability.  If you receive information about another person, think very carefully about your motivation for sharing it and be realistic about what benefit could really be derived from sharing it.

Even full time professional intuitives don’t tell their clients absolutely everything they perceive about them.  Just because you perceive something does not mean you should do something with that information.  After all, we are constantly perceiving things, both with our mundane faculties and our expanded ones, but we take action on very little of it.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what feels right to you. If you do decide to share what you perceive, just be aware that there can be unintended consequences. In general, people are not struggling in their lives because they lack information, but rather because they are not willing and not ready to act on guidance. So use your judgement.  Develop wisdom around this issue.

I was given these psychic abilities for a reason.

Really? We have to be careful not to get precious about our “abilities”.

I have all kinds of mundane abilities that I do not feel compelled to use to the fullest.  So do you, and so does everyone else. I can make awesome pies, but I would sound absurd if I claimed that I was given this ability for a reason, a higher purpose.  And the fact that I rarely bake pies these days does not mean I’m letting myself or the world down by not using this special gift.

Now you might think that being able to make insanely good pies is not really that important.  But that’s where we get hung up. We start thinking our visions, our expanded perceptions are really important, a big deal, the bomb.  We start taking ourselves seriously.  These abilities are no more special or important than anything else.  You may chose to express them wisely, you may choose to keep them to yourself mostly, but either way, don’t let the ego make them into a Big Deal.

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