Ultra Sensory Q&A: “I’m suddenly seeing light and patterns I never saw before”

sudden psychic sight

Suddenly Psychic? What does it mean when you start seeing shapes and patterns and perhaps even spirits? 

In this Reader Q&A we look at one person’s experience of sudden onset Ultra Sensory sight — being able to see the subtle realms.

What does it mean? How long will it last? What should you do about it? 

Reader Q&A

Reader Question:

Lately I have been seeing things that I didn’t see before. Vibrating/moving/cascading light in surfaces and atmosphere.

It’s clearer when looking at striped patterns. Little dots of light or squiggles appearing and disappearing very fast. When I’m sleeping in bed and all of a sudden I wake up I see what you could call fractals showing faces and disappearing and forming new shapes. And the last thing would be seeing like white smoke/energy going in circles and reabsorbing or going backwards.

What are these things? I have never done drugs if that helps. Also I’m experiencing enhanced intuition.

It all started about a year ago, I moved out of the city to a house in the suburbs. Having an urge to ask questions about the meaning of life. Then I started noticing these phenomena. My visual perceptions are good, feel good, I’m impressed and curious. Dreaming while sleeping feels more real. I would say I feel more at peace. I’m not bothered by them, I’m feeling grateful to be aware of things that I didn’t know existed before.

My mom told me she could see the squiggles/dots of light appearing and disappearing. But I wouldn’t know if we are seeing the same thing.



There are many layers within our reality that we are unable to perceive. 

Just as when you look at your hand, it looks one way, but if you look at your fingernails under a microscope, you see a different layer of reality. For instance, you become aware that this thing you call “my hand” is covered in microorganisms. It’s covered in living things you can’t normally see. 

There is nothing particularly magical or mystical about it. You’ve used what are essentially just high powered eye glasses to see what’s right in front of you, only smaller. There is a whole world there, invisible to your normal vision. 

When you are Ultra Sensory you see things just like this. These “things” — non living things like energy — or “entities” — sentient living beings — are visible to you, to whatever degree and in whatever way you are able to perceive them. People are Ultra Sensory to differing degrees and in differing ways. Some people see, some people feel…our brains translate what we perceive using the existing framework of our bodily senses. 

It seems you are experiencing a very low level of Ultra Sensory vision. The sentient beings are just popping in and out and not really having any meaningful exchange with you. You are seeing energy and the patterns that underlie more dense material. That’s fine! As you say, none of this feels unpleasant, none of it feels like an imposition. There are a whole bunch of these kind of beings that just like to be seen, so when they come across someone who can see them, they make the effort to get your attention, even briefly. No big deal.

But don’t get fascinated by this display. And by fascinated, I’m referring to the old meaning of that word. It’s like having a spell put on you. You give too much attention to it, get drawn in by it, give it more significance than it should have. 

And remember that you need to be in control. If this isn’t imposing on you, that’s great. If that ever changes, and beings start imposing themselves on you, popping into your awareness and taking up your mental space without your permission…you need to stop that right away. Your mind and your awareness is not some kind of public train station. You need to always have appropriate boundaries. 

I travel a lot, and there are spirits that belong to specific places, they are local spirits. In the moments before I go to sleep, they like to pop up into my awareness and look at me, and let me look at them. After this initial recognition and greeting, I clear my space and they leave. It’s fun, but there are limits…and those limits are set and enforced by me alone. My house, my rules, so to speak. If I were to insert myself intentionally into their sphere, their house, it would be different. 

To summarize…

This is natural. Part of the natural world, not something supernatural or mystical. You’ve just accessed another level of perception, like putting on night vision goggles or looking through a microscope. 

Enjoy it, but know that it’s not a big deal. Don’t make it a big deal and don’t get fascinated by it. It’s new, and that’s fine, but don’t let this new vision distract you. Be really pragmatic and mature about it. You see light squiggles and sometimes faces. Okay. But ultimately…so what?

You are seeing patterns, which is essentially the mathematical layer. It’s interesting. Just remember that if it’s not useful in any way, there is no reason to focus on it. For instance, in any moment there are unlimited data in your environment, but you selectively focus on a very small part of it — because you need to focus on the slice that actually matters to you.

Seeing fractals and patterns is a new experience, and the brain prioritizes novelty. Why? When something new happens, your survival mechanism kicks in. The brain gives this novelty priority in order to figure out if it is useful or dangerous. That’s it. It’s binary. But ultimately, if these data are not important or useful, there is no reason to prioritize them. Eventually, unless you make it a big deal, you will not give it any undue attention.

Remain sovereign with any entity that you encounter. Just as with your home, there is a door and it is locked. It would be unacceptable for some unknown person to just walk through your front door. Don’t assume that what they have to say or just their mere presence is anything special or even true…just because they are “spirits”.  We often think our normal rules of privacy, space and respect do not apply to beings if they don’t have bodies! That’s not true. The same rules apply. Perhaps more so.

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