The omni-directionality of now

Vintage compass.

Retrocausality: Time moves forward and backward.

The ripple effect: what you do now affects the past, not just the future.

We are going to dip our toes into the weirdness of the Time Pool today.

To be successful in this environment, you will need to leave any rigid thought paradigms at the door.

Imagine yourself right now, where you are in this very point in time. Easy, right? And most people experience themselves like this all the time. This is the default setting for how people orient themselves. From here, you can easily imagine yourself in the past. You call that memory, but I call it imagination. How about the future? Not so easy, is it? You can go with probabilities, but we know that life is unpredictable, full of possibilities. But you don’t really see the past like that, because it’s already finished.

My world is not like this. Everything I do now ripples out into all directions. More importantly, the signature, the sound, the vibration and song of what I am now…my being, goes out in all directions. We’re going to keep this discussion to past and future, and perhaps in another post we’ll talk about lateral time.

So, imagine yourself right now, sending out waves and waves of energy, of being-information. It’s easy to imagine how that might inform the future, but are you aware that it also affects the past?

This means that the future is also sending you waves and waves of being-information. That means the future is affecting you, now. Your future self (and not just in this life) is sending you waves…of what? Is it comfort? Clarity? Wisdom? Love? What are you sending backward “in time”?

I’ll give you an example. When you transcend (truly) the pain and confusion of a traumatic event that happened to a past “you”, you actually affect that past “you” in real time. The past you can receive this, even as the traumatic event is taking place. It’s not understood by the conscious mind, but it is felt.

When you do the opposite, when you continue building a solid structure of self around the past traumatic event, continuing to put layer after layer of brick into that edifice, that energy goes back in time as well.

From where you are now, you hold all time, and everything you become changes the whole. This is impossible to grasp if you have a fixed way of thinking. You have to allow yourself to feel it, and expand yourself to include it. It doesn’t exist in the domain of small mind or small self. Or you might think of that as two dimensional mind.

Choose your being. Be aware of what you are being. Don’t be so bound into your story (the good or the bad parts) that you miss out on what’s being offered to you from all time. Don’t spin out in the mind. Be grounded. Lighten up. And give back. To all your selves, in all time.

Choose the expanded perspective.


Wearing nothing but snakeskin
boots, I blazed a footpath, the first
radical road out of that old kingdom
toward a new unknown.
When I came to those great flaming gates
of burning gold,
I stood alone in terror at the threshold
between Paradise and Earth.
There I heard a mysterious echo:
my own voice
singing to me from across the forbidden
side. I shook awake—
at once alive in a blaze of green fire.

Let it be known: I did not fall from grace.

I leapt
to freedom.

Ansel Elkins – Autobiography Of Eve