The Emperor Who Forgot

Woman sitting on a chair in water.

Yang energy moving outward

pushing through
using one’s own resources

Bring all outgoing forces to the Heart and let them rest there

The Emperor went out to defend
against a threat to the realm
he became accustomed to
war, to conquest
and he continued, pressed on

On the move, sleeping in tents
keeping company with generals
he forgot his Queen and his home
he forgot he was once a lover

The Empress, forgotten by her beloved
in turn, forgot herself
her fountains were neglected
her pleasure gardens overgrown
joy and delight, a memory
the Oasis she created, draped over and silent

She forgot what her jewels were for
so she gave them away to slaves

She is dormant and the land is barren

The Yang must be coaxed home, to the Heart, to the Seed, the Yin

This is true Creation, effortless, natural
Let your actions be the children of this Union.
Go to the Source
Don’t abide in the periphery

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