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Kundalini Blowout

A reader shares a particularly harrowing fallout from her Kundalini awakening. "I totally lost my touch with reality (saw entities, visited another dimensions, went to the forest intending to find my "alien family", felt magnetic and energetic fields around me and other people etc.). And I used to consider myself quite rational person before this!" Can you relate?


Falling Out of Life

All of Limbo Land has higher gravity than we are used to. But this particular level, Abandoned by God, has some other peculiar forces in play. I mentioned one: you can't retrace your steps because the way disappears immediately behind you. Another: any movement causes the net to tighten around you even more. No movement at all (total surrender): results in plunging deeper.


Which Limbo?

Spiritual Limbo may seem like one thing, but whenever you express yourself in these questions, I see so many aspects all bundled together. This may seem trivial, but it's not. We are working to unravel these knotted balls of thought, feeling, concept, expectation, received wisdom and gathered data...so it's important that we are clear about what it is we are addressing at each step. 


Feeling Guilty About Things Other People Do

So, there are several different components to this bit of programming that you'll want to investigate further and become aware of. This is a pattern that is laid down in childhood and reinforced and practiced as you grow up and all through your adult life. At the core of this you'll find a need to differentiate yourself as the good girl.


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