Shifting The Point Of Attachment

WEALTH: Shifting Reality Streams

You’re plugged in. There’s a place in your energy body where you plug into your current stream of reality.

You’re anchored into this point. Sure, you can surf around different reality streams briefly, like a tourist, but you’re always magnetized back to your home stream.

People are saying…

“It’s like a very fine melding between the digital word and the magical exit/entry. Thank you. Your art is unique”

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In this short (15 minute) Audio Spell, we investigate your reality anchor point and practice releasing it.

Magic is real, and natural.

It’s good to have a single, clear scene that represents the new, preferred wealth reality stream — you’ll be prompted to see it and then enter it.

This is just a preview of the full 3 Hour Wealth Audio Spell. It’s available to purchase here. It includes shifting the anchor point, and so much more. It’s intense and beautiful and lush. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this.

You need headphones

This is a richly layered, binaural audio spell — you’ll need headphones and make sure the speakers are in the correct ears. It’s created to activate different brain hemispheres, so make sure your L/R speakers are on the correct ears!

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
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Ready? Listen now on youtube or click the video to watch from this page.

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