Reclaim Your Power.

An 8 week powerhouse of energy clearing, integration and reclaiming your authority.


Reclaiming course.

We’ll do a lot in 8 lessons

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive right in. We’ll cover the following ground in this course:


  • How to address your reality
  • Connect with your Affinity

Energy Clearing

  • Alien interference
  • Self imposed blocks
  • Residue of religious control programs
  • Cultural programming


  • Child selves
  • The body


  • Access your natural flow of blessings
  • Personal authority
  • Blocked or latent talents, abilities, gifts

The Reclaiming Lessons 1-8

Meditation to release blocks to good fortune and blessings.

Activate dormant or blocked gifts, talents and abilities.

Reintegrate your child selves.

Evolve your body to a higher frequency.

This material is part of the Releasing Hooks & Cords course

These 8 lessons are included in the Releasing Hooks & Emotional Cords course. In that course, we do all this energetic clearing and integration work before we get into the Hooks & Cords material. 

If you don’t want to take the full Releasing Hooks & Emotional Cords course, and you just want to do the clearing and integration work, this mini course is for you. 

Clear Your Path

Whatever other work you’re doing — whether it’s practical, psychological, spiritual or magical — it’ll be easier and more effective after you clear your system of blocks, programming and debris. Use this material to reveal your unshakable foundation, your true nature, your authority.


($250 for Peerless graduates)

The Reclaiming Course Inquiries

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