Reclaim Your Power.

An 8 week powerhouse of energy clearing, integration and reclaiming your authority.

“The unlocks of my being are already flowing, as is a slow trickle of more money and definitely tons of creativity — so thank you. It just simply WORKS.”

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Reclaiming course.

We’ll do a lot in 8 lessons

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive right in. We’ll cover the following ground in this course:


  • How to address your reality
  • Connect with your Affinity

Energy Clearing

  • Alien interference
  • Self imposed blocks
  • Residue of religious control programs
  • Cultural programming


  • Child selves
  • The body


  • Access your natural flow of blessings
  • Personal authority
  • Blocked or latent talents, abilities, gifts

The Reclaiming Energy Clearing Guided Meditations

Meditation to release blocks to good fortune and blessings.

Activate dormant or blocked gifts, talents and abilities.

Reintegrate your child selves.

Evolve your body to a higher frequency.

Energetic Reset

Whatever other work you’re doing — whether it’s practical, psychological, spiritual or magical — it’ll be easier and more effective after you clear your system of blocks, programming and debris. Use this material to reveal your unshakable foundation, your true nature, your authority.

These 8 lessons and guided meditations are included in the full Releasing Hooks & Emotional Cords course. In that course, we do all this energetic clearing and integration work before we get into the Hooks & Cords material.

If you don’t want to take the full Releasing Hooks & Emotional Cords course, and you just want to do the clearing and integration work, this mini course is for you.

Clear Your Path

8 weekly lessons
Each lesson contains a guided meditation audio
Forum for course participants to ask questions
Peerless Discount: $250
**applies to current or past Peerless students

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