Work With Me One on One

There are times when getting insight, strategy and support from someone you trust makes all the difference between going around in circles or making real changes that lead you into a whole different life stream.

Are you at a turning point? 

If you’re ready for clarity, working with me will help you cut through delusions and long-practiced defense mechanisms. But you have to be ready to be the focus of this penetrating light. You have to be willing to see what it illuminates. This isn’t for everyone.

Private Consultation

People say I’m like a laser.

My style is both deeply compassionate and uncompromisingly direct.

If you’re committed to going around in circles (and many people are deeply committed to this), this is not the place for you. If you’re an insight junkie, this is not the place for you.

If you’re ready to move forward from the heart and the head, this might be just the right place for you.

Rates per consult: 
$200 for Peerless Series graduates

Consults are 1 hour long and take place via email, recorded audio or — for ongoing clients — Skype audio (no video).

Ready for a breakthrough?

  • feeling stuck, in a rut, in some kind of limbo
  • find yourself repeating unwanted patterns of thought or behavior
  • transitioning after a sudden spiritual awakening
  • looking to quickly advance in your quest for mastery
  • need practical advice for living with your Ultra Sensory abilities

Keep in mind…

I am not a crisis counselor, and I do not advise on medical or psych issues. Please respect this.

I’m an effective advisor on all kinds of topics, but I am not a spiritual guru or a psychic reader. I am not interested in followers or, heaven forefend…disciples. Please do not contact me for these purposes.

Ready to shift?

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