Are you at the mercy of your thoughts, emotions and programming?

The Peerless Series is a beginners course that covers the basics of cultivating personal agency. Take a 15 week journey with me…I’ll give you practical guidance and effective techniques to master your mind & emotions.

What I teach in Peerless is the foundation of all other courses. These are the fundamentals of energetic hygiene, energetic boundary, understanding moods and thought patterns, getting and staying deeply grounded and centered, learning to detect what is you and what is foreign in your system, and ways to clear out energy vamps and mental and emotional debris. 

Default Mode

Mastering thoughts and emotions is the foundation to being able to identify and clear the programming that keeps you in a state of dependence, infancy and confusion.

Basically, this is your ticket out of Default Mode and into You 2.0. Ready to upgrade from Factory Settings?

But seriously, there’s a reason you’re still running on Default. The barriers to really, finally growing the hell up are real.

What are the obstacles to becoming Peerless?

Lack of Mentors

How many people have you ever met who were Peerless? It’s so uncommon that you may have never even considered it a possibility, let alone a natural stage of human development. Regardless of chronological age or worldly achievement, most people remain in an unnaturally arrested state of human development—which makes it seem perfectly normal.

The Programs are Smart

The programs you are in thrall to are self protective, so they will actively prevent you from making progress. You’ve felt it before in the form of resistance, distraction and boredom. You’re familiar with this pattern. When you start making progress, you experience resistance. Or you come across some other teaching or program, and abandon your course to chase something shiny and new. Or you just become overwhelmed with boredom or confusion.


The entire society you live in is created to keep you in thrall. Even people you are close to will become very uncomfortable and try to get you back in the box. It’s not their fault, it’s just the way the system works. You have to really want this, because no one else in your life wants this for you. Everything is stacked against you. When you start making progress you will be simply astounded at how much blowback you get—from the most unexpected places.

I can’t think of anything more worthy of a person’s time, commitment and earnestness than getting free of programming and becoming one’s own authority.

It’s intensive work, but once you learn the techniques, they become part of your toolkit for life. 

Some things we cover

Clearing Your Personal Space

Become familiar with your emotional and mental bodies, and learn techniques for keeping them clear of emotional debris and thought fragments.


Become familiar with different kinds of thinking, investigate where thoughts come from and learn to identify and arrest looping and mechanistic thought patterns.


Learn about your emotional body. Learn how to identify your own emotions vs other kinds of emotions. Learn to neutralize emotional debris.

We start with basics, designed for the beginner, as most people are. Each week builds on the knowledge and experience of the previous lessons, so they must be taken in order.

Reality Check

You’ll get back what you put into this work, so please be prepared to commit to it.

The Series is not a substitute for psychiatric or psychological care. If you have mental health issues or are under the care of a mental health professional, check with them prior to embarking on this series.

If you have substance abuse issues, you need to deal with that. You will not benefit at all from this series if you are taking drugs (and yes, that includes cannabis).

Peerless Series

21 self-study lessons over the course of 15 weeks
(written + audio)

cost: $300


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What participants are saying…

“The lessons have helped me to honestly confront and zero in on the purpose behind my “seeking.”

“I read the post last night about the McBuddahs, and found it to be so poignant. Either one is awake or they are not. Awake is not a magical destination, it is a knowing that happens. We can’t make it happen on demand. We can, however, move into alignment with truth by looking at the programs and clearing out the crud. Knowing, living, being the truth is what I want to be part of my ride with humanity.

“Most helpful, the work that I engage in through lessons in the Peerless Series have dimmed the sometimes deafening noise so that I can listen with all that I am, whatever I am, in the moment I am. Sometimes I am up, and sometimes I drop in altitude. I’m ok with this. Years of meditation, and all things “spiritual” have not been able to do that. Know thyself is key, and Strand is an awesome guide.

“So, how does one know whether it has been worthwhile?

“I was ready to be honest with myself. It’s like being awake, you either are or you are not. Living with clarity and knowing is part of ones “endgame” or it isn’t. Rock Star parking spaces? Bliss? Flow? Maybe. Sometimes. I don’t care.

“The lessons resonate, my perspective is changing. Strand is open to sharing her view of the landscape, which makes my time with each lesson worth it.

“The real question… Is the inquirer ready to make it worthwhile?”

“Since finishing the Peerless series I’ve stuck to my decisions and transmuted the death of the old me. A personal business of mine is taking off and I’ve had big realizations with my relationship with my mother. Realized how much unacknowledged trauma I had in childhood and how much I let her manipulate me, and how much validation she feels when she does it. I’m still navigating what our relationship would look like without the big Hooks but focusing on myself this should easily follow suit.”

I’m really enjoying the Peerless Series! I feel I’ve made much more progress in managing my energies than I have in a long time, despite all the “aha” moments that I’ve had in the past couple years. I feel like I’ve been given a cheat sheet to life.

I went through both programs: peerless and master. It’s all about learning practical tools how to give your mind direction/focus in your daily life. Not the other way around: Being chased around from mind and feeling helpless exposed to negative/destructive self-talk and behaviour.

As much as you can sharpen a knife, you HAVE to learn how to dominate your mind: deprogramming of old useless habits from upbringing. It’s about how to cope with negative internal self-talk, destructive thought loops, procrastination, insecurity, all your fears, blaming, complaining, recognizing when other humans suck your energy in daily life & how to deal with it.

The progress of this programme compounds slowly and steadily. It takes patience and persistence. If you do Amara’s exercises every day, not only when you are motivated, you’re life will change for the BETTER.

For me this changes ranged from being able to set clear goals and going after them relentlessly, excersicing regularly, and leaving people behind that are toxic. Most importantly: The real work starts when the program is over. Mastering mind so that it serves you (and not the other way around) is a LIFELONG journey. Non negotiable commitment is key. Enjoy the ride!

“Thank you for the Peerless Course and just for being AROUND. You have been wildly helpful in ways which I cannot and did not imagine or comprehend. No one talks about this stuff for real! It’s all sugar coated over or not mentioned at all, which drives me insane.”

“Do you trust yourself with yourself ? Because this is what this series will continuously encourage you to do. It will keep pointing back at you as being your own authority. No frills no programmatic thrall. Just these almost psychic techniques to reclaim your own personal space – and get to know you. For you.

“Disastrously simple but the key to healing and practically working with all things. Personally I really like how detached all of it is. With psychotherapy and friends I might be encouraged to thrash in the mud of my own problems and drama but here that will not be the case. No matter how deeply layered it is, it is psychoemotional debris. No matter how life altering it is the technique remains the same. Clearing and fortifying your own space so you can hear your self. Get to know yourself, trust yourself.

“And may I add that sometimes you got to pay some serious good cash to signify to yourself that you’re taking this seriously. That you won’t coast, that you’ll listen and do the deed. The cheapskate in me really wants to get the bang for her buck and I’m not the richest kid around so I’ve been really focusing on these exercises. It’s not everyday I get taught the dynamics of non physical matter by an enlightened or ultra sensory person. As someone who has always been slightly confused but always supremely interested with my own clairsentience (oh wow invoking this angel feels different, that Altar is a good energy spot, okay I do not want to feel people’s shit auras but I’m also curious why the hell the trash is there) — I think I’m finally reaping the gifts of what people would call my mini kundalini experience a few years ago.

“I get it now. These energetic blankets around people the spikes, the water I feel when they speak truth. It’s less fanfare and magic now. The peerless series not only knows about this dimension of life but has time tested and solid methods on how to use these facets of the human apparatus to BE itself more fully. It’s like knowing your own inner mechanisms.

“It’s true that I’ve already heard of these techniques from other sources before but I also must say this – I trust Amara. I do, I’ve been following her blog for ages and she has one the most piercing and clarifying insights that has continuously shaped the responsibility that I take for myself vis a vis the fanfare of new age writing. I am grateful for that. But it also means hearing her endorse these methods means that these are all the non-physical dimensional techniques that Remains the Same. With no frills and no extra cushions and spiritual cultural hoohaa. These stay the same. Believe her (or me) or just find out for yourself. But let this be the final nail that you need to know that this aspect of the non-physical experience works this way.

“Because you found out for yourself. Then maybe you would could say it was worthwhile.

“But all this series is really trying to do is to return yourself to yourself. And is seeing yourself without all the encumbrances a worthy sight ?

“I’m working on mine, and it’s both revelatory and fun. I hope in one way or another you see yourself too.”

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