Tools, perspectives and techniques to stop being a passenger and get in the driver’s seat.

24 Weekly audio lessons cover a range of topics, from mood management, facing your insecurities, getting the upper hand with thought loops, meditations to remove deep programming, busting out of cherished ruts and more.

We’ll take a 6 month deep dive into the mechanics of the mind, energy body, advanced work on maintaining boundaries, focus and lucidity.

Mastery Course

Have you already taken Peerless?

If you haven’t taken the Peerless Series, I recommend you do because that is the foundation for all my courses, however…it’s not required.

Let’s take a look at the 24 weekly lessons in Mastery…

Mastery Lessons

Master your mental posture.

Mastering the mind, stopping the flow of thoughts.

Learn to shift reality streams.

How to really let go into a new reality.

These are not your thoughts and feelings.

Mental strength training.

Advanced techniques to reprogram your mind.

How to tell the difference between fantasy and vision.

Advanced mind reprogramming hacks.

Deep release meditation.

Energetic cleansing.

Grounding, centering and effortless embodiment.

Advanced energy techniques.

How to find your truth and stop deceiving yourself.

Extricate yourself from a life that doesn't work anymore.

Dealing with fear.

Mind vs Being.

How hidden fears deform you.

What superpowers do you get once you face your fear?

Claim your personal authority.

How to live up to your promises and highest ideals.

Carrying other people's trauma.

How to grow up and individuate.

Digesting traumatic experiences.

Mastery Series

24 Weekly audio lessons

cost: $475
$325 for Peerless Series graduates

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