Remove Emotional Hooks & Energetic Cords

Restore emotional freedom, return to your innocent heart.


Are You Ready To Let Go?

Of old loves, old losses. Hurts and resentments. Blame, guilt and shame. Obligation. Past lives. Other lives. Clinging to love. Clinging to false security. The way others see you. The way others see the world. The Story.

Reclaim your innocent heart. The strength of your true voice. Your wisdom and joy. Your magic and authority.

Reclaim your pure core frequency.

It’s Scary To Let Them Go.

As much as you think you want the freedom, a significant part of you doesn’t.

You have all kinds of unconscious beliefs (programming) that regard the cords, the overlay as necessary for your safety or to maintain your image of yourself or the world.

Cords and overlays have two main functions: to feed off your life force and to influence you.

When you consider the word influence in this context, what does it mean to you? To me, it means that a force acts upon you to change your shape. The shape of You. We’re always influenced by people and the world around us. We interact with a person or an environment or even a set of ideas — we temporarily change shape, as a way to connect or play — then we pop back, we return and restore ourselves.

But when you have a cord or overlay, the force is acting upon you all the time and so you eventually conform to that altered shape — you stiffen and mold yourself into that shape without really being aware of it.

You forget yourself, and even begin to shape your self image to include this adaptation, or in some cases, outright deformity of your true nature.

You’re used to it, even though it’s restrictive and it’s not your true form. Like a body brace, you grow used to it. On some level you grow to believe this is necessary, or unavoidable, or providing some kind of stability or security.

We don’t easily relinquish these artifacts.

Hooks & Cords Lessons 1-18

Some things we cover

Pre Clearing

Before getting started on clearing hooks and cords, we work on clearing some blocks — which makes our efforts with clearing hooks and cords easier. Some topics we cover:

  • Alien interference
  • Self imposed blocks on abilities
  • Reintegrating child selves
  • Limits on love, happiness, fulfillment
  • Limits on personal authority
  • Residue of religious control programs
  • Cultural programming
  • Worthiness, guilt and shame

Note: The preclearing lessons can be taken as an 8 week stand alone course, The Reclaiming.

Hooks & Cords

Hooks are control mechanisms and cords transfer energy and information. We’ll dive into the different ways we can get hooked and corded, as well as the mechanism that makes it possible for hooks and cords to attach into your system.

We cover hooks and cords from relationships, parents, institutions and even ambient forms of energy siphoning and manipulation — the kind that are all around us in our physical and digital environment.

Listen to the Clearing Emotional Attachments & Cutting Etheric Cords Audio Spell here.

This is the companion course to the Clearing Emotional Attachments & Cutting Etheric Cords Audio Spell.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, just pop on some headphones, close your eyes and do the 45 minute guided sound bath meditation.

It’s a powerful Audio Spell, and in this course, we’ll go deeper into the topic of emotional hooks and energetic cords, what they are, how they burrow into your system, why you let them remain there and work on clearing them.

By going through this series of weekly lessons, techniques and meditations, the original Audio Spell will be much richer and more effective, and you’ll be able to work intentionally with the energies contained in it.

Super charge the Audio Spell with this series of weekly lessons to remove hooks, cut cords and return your heart to innocence and emotional freedom.


($425 for Peerless graduates)

What participants are saying…

“I’m just going into week 3, but even if I just had only the addressing my reality tool I would already be satisfied with the course. The unlocks of my being are already flowing, as is a slow trickle of more money and definitely tons of creativity-so thank you. It just simply WORKS.”

Hooks & Cords Course Inquiries

If you’re interested in signing up to the Releasing Hooks & Cords Course or you have questions about it, please send me a message via the form below.

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