Custom Audio Spells

You’ve listened to my Audio Spells on Youtube and you know how powerful they are. People report all kinds of energy shifts, release from emotional hooks, increased wellbeing and even unexpected income. And then there are the harder to describe effects — expressed as a feeling of coming home to oneself.

I’m now offering the ability to super charge these audio spells — by personalizing the audios with your own affirmations and target statements. What, specifically, would you like to say to yourself when you are in that deep and magic infused state?

What does your heart need to hear? Maybe it’s not an objective you’d like to achieve, but a powerful message of love and encouragement, a love letter from your Future Self. What do you need to remember, the truth of yourself that gets lost in the static sometimes?

We can deliver that message, layered into an Audio Spell.

Custom guided meditations

How Does It Work? 

  1. Choose one of the existing Audio Spells, we’ll use this as the base. 
  2. Submit up to 5 single statement sentences. 
  3. I will record these statements, holding the energy of your intention.
  4. These personalized recordings will be layered into the base Audio Spell. 
  5. The final custom video will be published on Youtube, either publicly or privately.

Your Personalized Statements

You may already know exactly what you want your five statements to be. If not, I will send you instructions on how to identify and craft your statements for maximum effect. Think of these as your objectives and affirmations. These are clear, meaningful messages you want to deliver to yourself in order to direct the momentum and action of the underlying Audio Spell. 

Each statement should be a clear, complete and simple sentence. You can submit up to five of these statements. I can either record it using “you” or “I”, depending on what you feel will work best for you. I can even address you by your first name, if you like. 

Some Ideas For Your Personalized Statements

What area of your life would you like to shift over the next six months? It could be a financial goal, releasing residual programming from a specific relationship, establishing healthy habits or self esteem, processing grief over someone or something you’ve lost. 

You can also use either the long or short Future Self meditations to merge with your Future Self with the specific intention of discovering what you most need to hear right now. You can craft those insights into your five statements and we can encode that into your customized Audio Spell.

Why are these called Audio Spells? 

Someone asked me this in one of the Youtube comment sections. The “audio” part is obvious. But why a spell? If you’re only superficially familiar with spells, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of witchy neo pagan woo. It’s not what you think.

A spell is a perfectly crafted formula or energy stack. Every part of it has a purpose, there is no part that is just random filler — every part of the spell does something. The purpose of an Audio Spell is to encode and transmit all this through sound in order to seal the intention into your mind and thus, the physical world. 

The Final Product

  • Your personalized Audio Spell will be a video published on Youtube.
  • It will be similar in duration to the base Audio Spell you select.
  • It will include the content of the base audio, with your personalized statements layered in.
  • Your video will be published publicly on my channel or as an unlisted video, depending on which you choose. 

Why is it a video if the important part is audio?

I pay for a license to use music and some sound design to create the audio tracks — the license requires I deliver the end product to you in video format. 

Goals, intentions, affirmations and even insights (no matter how deeply felt), are all ephemeral and require something to move them from that ephemeral state into a form that can more easily have effect on the physical layer of reality.

Custom Audio Spell, Posted Publicly

$275 for Peerless Graduates

  2-3 week turnaround, from the time I accept your statement submission.
  Your custom video will be posted publicly to my Youtube channel.
  It’s public, so let’s keep it family friendly.
  Don’t include any identifying information in your statements.
  You can include your first name in your custom recording, if you want to.

Custom Audio Spell, Private

$375 for Peerless Graduates

  2-3 week turnaround, from the time I accept your statement submission.
Your custom video will be posted as an unlisted video to my Youtube channel.
Unlisted videos can only be viewed if you have the direct link, so I will give you the direct link and no one else will be able to see it unless you give them that link.
It’s not public, so we can address sensitive issues.

** For more in depth customization, contact me for cost and availability

More Details

These take a lot of time to create, even when using an existing base audio. Availability will vary depending on my schedule. It’s best not to choose a topic with an urgent need or short timespan. This is intended to facilitate life goals or personal change you are working on over the next 6-12 months. 

Since I will be holding the intention of your statements, not merely recording what you’ve written, I may refuse certain topics.  Please let me know what topics you propose to have me work on and I’ll let you know if it’s something I’ll do. 

Here is an up to date list of base audios available to use to create your Custom Audio Spell:

enter the sanctuary audio spell

Future Self Video Release Energetic Blocks.

Future Self Audio Spell How To Enter The Void.

Cut energy cords and emotional hooks.

Guided Meditation Draw in Wealth and Upgrade DNA for Health and Youth

Dream Seeds Vol 3 Eclipse Advanced Dreaming

What people are saying…

“The custom audio spell is a magical masterpiece! I can feel the care and intention that went into its crafting. After just 8 days of listening to it, I had a transformative experience within the Void. There have been positive shifts around each of the statements I submitted. I love the supporting phrases that she layered into the meditation.

“Amara’s frequency combined with the subconscious messaging creates a powerful alchemical tool.  I am excited to see what unfolds as I continue to engage with the meditation!”

“I chose to adapt the cutting etheric cords video because I feel like as much as I had rationalized I’m over the sexual abuse /rape-it was all so long ago- yada yada yada — it was still imprinted in my body and unconsciously affecting my actions in life.

“I felt the physical manifestations of this spell immediately. The first listen released years of internalized sadness in the form of tears — but it felt so good!

“The second created chills in different parts of body — not “A” chill that runs through your entire body but strangely specific areas only: the right side of my lower body; then chills coming out of both thighs. I am suddenly seeing my face as beautiful! ( Why does my skin look so young and beautiful, I didn’t do anything to it?- oh yeahhhhhh- the SPELL!

“I am ready to use this spell to the fullest. Amara’s magic is already working on me. I can’t wait to see how far it takes me, and I could not be more grateful that I chose to have this audio spell customized.”

Request a Custom Audio Spell

In the message area, include:

  1. The base audio you wish to use (from the list above)
  2. The topics you propose
  3. Whether you want a publicly posted video or a private unlisted video

 I don’t open emails with attached files.
 I normally respond within a week. If you don’t hear back from me within a week, please resend your message.

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