Ready to unblock your magic?

Tap into your magic and psychic abilities with the Magic Aura Boost Audio.

I’ve created a special Audio Spell to help you identify and clear beliefs, fears and blocks to your flow of natural magic.

In this two hour audio, I guide you through biosphere breathing, connecting with your energy field and boundary, locking into the frequency of your magic and sealing it into your personal energy sphere.

If you’ve worked with my public audio spells on my youtube channel, you know they are powerful and deeply supportive. I also have a private library with more advanced audio spells — and I’ve created an energetically charged audio specifically to help you bring more magic into your life.

Remove Blocks

Layers of resistance, limiting beliefs, memories and energy blocks will come to the surface for you to realize and release.

Aura Boost

Charge up your energy field and boundary with the frequencies of magic, wisdom and protection. Seal these into your energy field.

Activate Latent Abilities

As you remove fears and beliefs, you can explore or expand abilities and gifts that you’ve been limiting or blocking out completely.

Get Answers

Using the guided biosphere breathing, you can access the step, the opening, the guidance, the synchronicity that is perfect for you in this moment.

Expand Your Awareness

Deepen your awareness and relationship with your energy biosphere and your boundary. Learn to see and feel these around you, and to communicate with them.

Initiate Yourself

Connect with your deepest wisdom, your core innocence, your pure signature frequency — and let your Future Self initiate you into a higher octave of magic.

How to use it

step 1 – use the form below to order the Aura Boost audio

step 2 – listen with the best headphones you have, with the L/R speakers on the correct ears

step 3 – use your favorite techniques — like breathing, mantra or movement — to allow the expanded energy to move freely through your body

Ready to Boost Your Magic?


Dissolve the veil of the mundane world and sync your aura, your personal energy biosphere, with the layer of your reality stream where magic and miracles are evident.

This is a fabulous audio spell to activate latent abilities and rise above the morbid grip of consensus reality.

  • 2 hours, deeply layered audio spell
  • It’s backed by binaural beats, isochronic tones, subliminals
  • It’s an mp3, downloadable to your device.
  • Headphones are a must, please use the best quality headphones you have and make sure the L/R channels are on the correct ears

Powerful, ecstatic, visceral. This aura boost audio spell is something you’ll feel ringing through your body and your energy field.

Get The Magic Aura Boost

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