Reweaving Reality

Building a bridge to your future self

Whether the topic is money or healing or emotional freedom, all of my Audio Spells walk the same path: deep transformation. In a way, it doesn’t matter what the topic is.

The audio spells are an experience-map, escorting you into deep and profound layers of your reality, bypassing the limitations of the thinking mind.

Unmake yourself. Remake yourself. Choose.

Amara Strand Audio Spells

Wealth: 3 hour wealth audio spell $42

INCLUDED: Downloadable MP3 version backed by binaural beats + access to private video version backed by music.

Three hours of pure intensity, magic and release.

  • 2.5 hours of voice, last 30 minutes is pure sound to drift into
  • It’s backed by binaural beats from Electric Sound Bath
  • It’s an mp3, downloadable to your device.
  • Headphones are a must, please use the best quality headphones you have and make sure the L/R channels are on the correct ears

When you purchase this MP3 version, you also get a link to a bonus private video version that is backed by music without binaural beats. This music version is particularly relaxing, penetrating and beautiful. 

Three amazing hours. It’s lush and gorgeous and intense. At the end, when I was recording it, a tropical rainstorm started pouring down outside my balcony, and I just kept recording through it, and incorporated the rain into the final cut.

Magic: Aura Boost

Dissolve the veil of the mundane world and sync your aura, your personal energy biosphere, with the layer of your reality stream where magic and miracles are evident. 

This is a fabulous audio spell to activate latent abilities and rise above the morbid grip of consensus reality. 

Stay tuned

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“The wealth audio spell is a rich, intense, and multi-layered experience. I didn’t use it explicitly for wealth, but I went deep rather quickly, and it was truly transformational.

“I slipped into a space where I was able to dismantle, rebuild, create, and recreate myself and my reality. At one point my entire body was vibrating! I found I could imagine things with greater sharpness and clarity than ever before. I’ve not experienced anything like this audio. I will be returning to it again and again.”

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