Mastery Course

Reclaiming course.


clarity. mastery. sovereignty.

You can take these courses in any order, but I created them to be taken in this order:

  1. Peerless
  2. Hooks & Cords
  3. Mastery

The Reclaiming can be taken at any point, though it is included in Hooks & Cords, so if you take that course, you don’t need to take The Reclaiming. 


I offer significant discounts on courses, consults and audio spells for Peerless graduates, or for those currently enrolled in Peerless. In part, it’s my way of showing appreciation to those who go on that journey with me. Peerless is the cornerstone of everything else I teach.

Another reason I give graduate discounts is to encourage you to take Peerless! If I accept you into any of my courses…you will benefit from them, even if you haven’t taken Peerless. Taking Peerless isn’t required.

Yet, if you’ve taken Peerless, you’ll get a lot more from other courses, and even gain a deeper understanding of my writing and youtube videos. So I encourage you to take Peerless.


A beginners course covering the basics of cultivating personal agency.

Take a 15 week journey with me…I’ll give you practical guidance and effective techniques to master your mind & emotions.

What I teach in Peerless is the foundation of all other courses. These are the fundamentals of

  • energetic hygiene
  • energetic boundary
  • understanding moods and thought patterns
  • getting and staying deeply grounded and centered
  • learning to detect what is you and what is foreign in your system
  • ways to clear out energy vamps and mental and emotional debris

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Hooks & Cords

Restore emotional freedom, return to your innocent heart.

Are you ready to let go?

Of old loves, old losses. Hurts and resentments. Blame, guilt and shame. Obligation. Past lives. Other lives. Clinging to love. Clinging to false security. The way others see you. The way others see the world. The Story.

Reclaim your innocent heart. The strength of your true voice. Your wisdom and joy. Your magic and authority.

Reclaim your pure core frequency.


yes, I’d love to let go!


Tools, perspectives and techniques to stop being a passenger and get in the driver’s seat.

Weekly audio lessons cover a range of topics, from mood management, facing your insecurities, getting the upper hand with thought loops, meditations to remove deep programming, busting out of cherished ruts and more.

We’ll take a 6 month deep dive into the mechanics of the mind, energy body, advanced work on maintaining boundaries, focus and lucidity.

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The Reclaiming

An 8 week powerhouse of energy clearing, integration and unearthing lost treasures.

Whatever other work you’re doing — whether it’s practical, psychological, spiritual or magical — it’ll be easier and more effective once you clear your system of blocks, programming and debris. Use this material to reveal your unshakable foundation, your true nature, your authority.

it’s time to reclaim my authority

Audio Spells

unmake yourself. remake yourself. choose.

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