Remote Viewing and Mental Blind Spots

Remote viewing, shifting reality streams, making sense of intense spiritual experiences, correcting for our biases. 

Reader Q&A

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Reader Question: Things had been coming along all right with trying to let the knowledge of stream shifting come into view.

Two months ago I went for a week to Florence, one of my favourite cities, and this time the architecture and the artwork really had an effect.

I came back and was seemingly drawn into the need to study recent history. Say 1200-present, with the understanding that everything called history is a giant lie. That almost none of it may be true.

Within 2 weeks of study I came across other researchers working on the same topics…very interesting stuff. So I have begun to write a new book, 60% done, should be finished in 2-3 weeks, actually.

Here is the question part. A week or so ago I got the message that my “download” in the canyon, or at least a major part of it, was the entire real history of at least this earth thing, but maybe more. As such the more I work and study and write this material, the less tired I become and in fact, the healthier I get. Something is indicating I am reaching at least part of what came in.

The problem I face of course is that working even with info from the 1860’s — such as was there really a US Civil War — or other topics, no matter how much research I do and no matter how right I feel about something, that unless I can “see the past” directly, and in a way I feel confident I have seen the past and not an imagined, hoped for, or fearful image from the mind, there will always be great doubt.

Now I get the sense there is hope, for the download is there, but I have no idea if it was words, images, feelings, video, direct experience or whatnot. So part of this question is a way to “see the past” so as to have a real inner foundation to what I am researching.

Say for example the 1893 Worlds Fair in Chicago, I don’t know if you know about it. They basically built a second city in one year, supposedly out of temporary materials, then tore it all down when it was over. It looked like Ancient Rome.

Anyway my current research indicates that many of the buildings might be old structures, part of civilization in North America that was taken over by the new conquers after 1700. They did not build our cities, they just took them over and created stories.

Ok interesting hypothesis, I can present all sorts of facts to show the possibility, but I cannot (at least 100% inside) know what is the truth or not. I have to have seen it, experienced it. Did they build these things, did they not. As soon as I can see that, the writing and everything will take on a depth and power that I can not even imagine.

It is the next great step for me to unravel the canyon, and to use it to present as much honesty of the past as possible to people out there.


I’d like you to clarify some points.

Gve me a brief sketch of these two states…

1) The immediate future (say, the next six months) …IF you are not able to achieve 100% certainty that the “history” you are able to see is correct.
2) The next 6 months IF you are given this certainty.

What do they feel like? How do they differ? How will your course differ? And one last…

What would it take to give you that kind of certainty? What kind of experience would take you from where you are at the moment to the necessary certainty?



Interesting questions. They came the same day as Notre Dame went up in smoke.

It is a marker just like the towers coming down on 9 11. Where the cathedral was, was an old Isis temple before, and a portal to connect with direct feminine energy. That might have been shut down. So your question about 6 months is interesting, for now, 6 months from now humans on earth might be in a very dark place.

But I can answer the final question the easiest. The certainty for me would be in some way to “see” the event. By that having some form of viewing of the time in the past…of course even better would be to have some how directly interacted with it, but I am still happy to see it as a complete view, either still type pictures or moving images.

To test the method, I would want to again see a few events from my own life that I can verify, and if I am seeing those correctly as they happened (not having imagination portray events in many different ways as in dreams), then I can have more confidence that the views coming in are correct. They can be accompanied by sounds, feelings, or even words — but to me I think the visual image of a time period would be the most certain for me.

To not see in 6 months would feel disappointing of course, for I will feel that there will be a limit to anything I write. It will always be hypothesis for both me and the reader. But that is where I currently am so I can’t say the disappointment would be massive.

To be able to do it in 6 months (and given yesterday’s events) I might have to see it in less than 6 months. If nothing else then to be able to present what I then know for myself as not hypothesis (which it still will be for the reader). I can only hope that the certainty of that inner knowing can come through the words for the readers so they themselves can tap into that inner truth within.

That is sort of what has happened since Florence. Certain parts of this research seem true right away (though unproved except for the strong feeling and evidence that seems to fit). I can only hope that comes to the reader…of course best scenario is the words help to open the same inner picture ability of the reader so we can all see the honesty of the past clearly.

For perhaps if enough know what really happened to humans on this place…perhaps it can change. I know also it does not have to change, for one one level nothing is wrong and nothing is happening like we believe it is happening. It is just a layer of experience. But something within feels the need to finally at least see this layer of it clearly, in all of its events of how things got to this point.

Another of these resets is coming, and if nothing else, I would like to have seen the complete truth of this place before I die and take that with me in consciousness in the cross over.



How can you see the past? It’s called Remote Viewing.


The best known of these Remote Viewers is Ingo Swann, but there are plenty of others. You can research their methods, but I think you have a significant hurdle to overcome, and that is bias. 

Remote Viewing is a skill you can learn. Some people have an innate talent for it, but even if they do, they still need to develop skill. Viewers with talent and the dedication and patience to develop the skill can produce astoundingly accurate viewings, unlimited by distance or time.

But you’ll notice the procedure is rigorous in one thing: lack of any bias whatsoever. 

You have a hypothesis (bias #1) and a need, a strong desire for certainty (bias #2). These almost guarantee that even if you develop the ability to view, you can never be certain what you are viewing isn’t confabulation.

What’s the difference between you and establishment historians, archaeologists, anthropologists? 


They come into their topical research with a hypothesis and then look for facts to confirm it. The problem is twofold.

Their hypothesis rests on a foundation of received knowledge, what they’ve been taught about history, human and geological, their academic training — much of which is accepted wholesale. This is an enormous blind spot, no? They come in with a point of view, which is made up of a bunch of facts and a narrative they’ve never questioned. They come in with assumptions and beliefs. 

The second problem is that supporting facts are gathered and then interpreted.  Based on the aforementioned point of view. 

And of course, the real crux of the problem with all this is that they take their hypothesis, bolster it with interpreted facts and then spin a narrative that they present to everyone as The Truth. They created their own certainty and now they serve it to us as the scientific truth. When in fact, they are really well trained story tellers. That’s not a put down, either. I admire the scientific method, and the curiosity that drives people to learn and research and investigate life. 

I appreciate the stories. But I don’t mistake them to be The Truth. And I don’t much appreciate their stories being served up that way. 

Your equation is much the same, isn’t it? 

You have a hypothesis. You’re quite inflamed by it, too. You think it is really important, that people need to know, that knowing will change people and you personally feel a powerful desire to know. 

So if you were able to have visions that support your beliefs, then you might be able to distill some facts from them that could be verified. Let’s say you have a vision and in it you see a certain kind of mortar is used…you might be able to verify that such a material was actually discovered at the site.

Wow! This is all leading you toward certainty that you are telling The Truth, you are now able to write with the power of The Truth. 

How is this any different from how history is produced by scholars? 

Hypothesis + unquestioned received knowledge + facts interpreted to support existing belief = The Truth


Hypothesis + visions + facts interpreted to support existing belief = The Truth

How are these different? I don’t see the difference. 

Visions are provocative, but if you have skin in the game, you are handicapped. And being able to corroborate facts won’t necessarily save you from your bias.


A researcher in 3059 uses Remote Viewing to see one vignette, a scene of my life from Monday last. And from it she produces the following story.

“It is a day of religious sacrifice to the Eagle God. A woman named Amara goes to the temple with three offerings to the God. One is given in gratitude for the abundance of the previous solar cycle. The other is to honor and appease the local, lesser Bear Deity (to leave him out would cause him offense and also make him quite jealous — bringing future discord). The third offering is to ensure prosperity for the current solar cycle. This happens every year on the appointed day.

She makes marks on her offerings and hands them to the Priestess, who stands behind the altar. The Priestess asks her a ritual question: do the offerings contain any evil intentions or are they given with a pure heart? Like everyone giving their offerings, Amara answers no, no ill intent. 

Once this ritual question is satisfied, the Priestess receives the sacrifice, blesses it with her seal and blesses Amara with a green and white talisman: green for growth and abundance and white for purity. 

Amara is relieved and makes the journey home.

Based on a true story…

What actually happened last Monday? It was tax day in the United States, and I went to the post office to mail three envelopes, containing three checks. One to the federal government for last year’s taxes. One to the federal government for the current year’s first quarter estimated taxes. And one for taxes owed to the State of California. 

The Post Mistress asked the routine question, which everyone thinks is very silly when mailing a mere envelope: Does this mail contain any hazard, toxic or dangerous materials? I answered, no.

I mailed these by Certified Mail, with proof of receipt…so I could prove I had mailed them in case the government lost them. My proof is a green and white Certified Mail form, which is given to me by the Post Mistress, and this I keep for my records.

I was relieved to have this odious task done and went home.

Whoa, where did we go wrong!

The Post Mistress stands behind an official counter and wears a uniform. Only she, and others who work for her, are allowed behind that counter. If you have a bias, you might interpret this to mean she is a priestess. 

The emblem of the Post Office is an eagle. Hence, the Eagle God. You might actually find such an artifact on the site a millennia from now. If you didn’t know better, how would you interpret this? 

The emblem of California is the bear, and the State of California (unlike some other states) imposes an income tax on California residents. Hence, the local, lesser Bear Deity. 

Anyway, you can see how it’s possible to have a clear vision, find supporting archaeological evidence, interpret it based on an inaccurate, biased perspective and flesh out a vivid, compelling narrative that is accurate in some particulars but interpreted in a way that is entirely incorrect. 

Please understand that I’m not mocking you with these examples. Not at all. As a person who has had to live with visions and Ultra Sensory information, and find a balanced way to incorporate this into an otherwise pretty ordinary life, I’ve had to confront these questions and issues in a very personal way.

Certainty. The Truth. Your need for these, chasing these, is like throwing fly wings in a perfectly beautiful cake.

I have seen clear as day visions of the past and of the future, and of present events that happen in locations that should be outside my direct awareness. I do not take these too seriously and I definitely do not present these to other people as The Truth. 

Does that mean I discount them? No. When it’s necessary or appropriate, I share them, but not as something that’s true. It’s something I saw, which carries some weight, but no more weight than anything else I may have been witness to. 

For instance, when I first moved into my current apartment, I nearly called the police because I truly believed my neighbor was being beaten or raped. It was around midnight when she suddenly let out a blood curdling scream, the kind a woman makes when she is terrified, and continued screaming “get off of me, take your hands off of me, let me go!” It was really terrible, and this was undoubtedly a woman in great distress, not playing around or just having some kind of fight. 

It turns out that she was not being assaulted. And when I confronted her about this, she was truly surprised that I would have interpreted it that way, but after some considerations, she admitted, “yeah, I guess I can see how you might have thought that.” She laughed! 

Her boyfriend has this bizarre habit of hiding in the middle of the night and then jumping out at her when she walks by. He loves to scare her this way, and then he tickles her. Which she hates. These are people in their 40s. This is really strange. But it’s true. After living here for many years, my opinion is that he is weird and she is definitely not being abused. 

You can witness a robbery in broad daylight and not be able to recall even the most basic details about what the assailants were wearing, their height, hair color, etc. Of five eye witnesses, one will swear the guy was wearing a hat, everyone else says no, two say he’s short, the others think he’s tall. 

I can barely believe what I see with my own eyes, in the middle of the day. I am aware that what I recall is highly selective and how I interpret what I am seeing is a whole other layer of personal narrative. 

It’s all just “based on a true story”. 

Humans have blind spots. Our minds have built in vulnerabilities. Embracing this makes us more honest, allows us to communicate with more integrity.

How much better is it to just be honest. The mind loves certainty, in fact, it craves and demands it. Yet, all of its blind spots and biases and design quirks makes it a terrible source of anything approximating The Truth. 

So what if you just embraced that? What if we all did? The nearest approach to the truth is to include the awareness of your human bias and mental vulnerability as part of your communication. 

All I can say is, “this is my hypothesis, this is my vision, these are the ways I’ve attempted to corroborate my vision, and here’s my interpretation of the findings. And now ladies and gents, let me tell you a story…”

Do we need any more people barking The Truth at us? I think not. Why do you need the power and authority of certainty? Can you have the humility to admit you, like everyone else, are simply reporting what you think, feel and see — knowing these are limited by the human condition? Can you write with full transparency, telling your readers you come into this with a bias (that history is a lie, that there was an advanced civilization in North America, etc.) and that you had visions about these civilizations which you then researched to see if there was anything there to support both your visions and your interpretation of your visions? 

It’s not certainty you need. It’s getting to the heart of why you need certainty in the first place in order to write a book and present your point of view. It’s getting to the heart of your belief that you can be certain based on what you see combined with some evidence that you interpret to support your beliefs. And by certain, I mean that inflamed “I’ve got the truth!” kind of certainty.

I’m certain I’m a woman, but who cares? It’s a quiet, unimposing, unglamourous kind of certainty. No books are going to be spawned by this kind of certainty!

This is not the kind of certainty you’re after. And that’s what’s tripping you up. 

So, go have your visions! What an amazing skill Remote Viewing is — learn it, master it! Respect and honor your readers by being a reporter, not an evangelizer of The Truth. “I came into this project suspecting history as we know it is a lie. This is what I believe to be true. In order to deepen my understanding of this topic, I turned to Remote Viewing and these are my visions. This is the evidence I uncovered that might support my beliefs. This is my interpretation. This is the story.”

I’m sure your narrative will be compelling, and your audience will judge for themselves what to make of it all. 

More importantly, for your own development and deprogramming, you could illuminate this mental groove you’ve fallen into that keeps you from moving ahead with full vitality (fully jumping streams, and then maintaining your position in the new stream). 

This is a little sticking point. It’s a mental equation that looks perfectly logical, but when you take it apart, it’s faulty at its core. If I could distill this entire conversation into one idea, it would be this: You’ve placed a condition on yourself, and empowered it with importance. You’ve underpinned it with a “reason” that sounds, well…reasonable. But is it real?

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