Releasing Trauma

Bush with the word breathe.

How to prevent trauma from getting stuck in your system

Develop techniques and protocols for dealing with shocking or traumatic events on the spot.

Whether it’s a car accident or walking in on your cheating spouse, there are ways to start processing trauma in the moment to keep it from taking root.

Dealing with trauma in the moment.

I lay there, stunned, immobile, unable to see. I curled up on the hot, tropical asphalt and waited. I knew I would hear the cars before they struck me.

A few seconds before, my motorcycle taxi had collided with another vehicle. The bike went down and I was thrown into an adjacent lane of traffic in a huge intersection of two 8 lane highways.

As is usual in these situations, everything slowed down, seconds stretched out frame by frame. Waiting, I breathed in, breathed in the whole universe. The entire earth and moon, the sun and planets and distant stars and galaxies, mysteries, time. I breathed them all in, and listened for the music of engines. Cars, scooters, motorcycles, delivery trucks.

I breathed out, it seemed like forever. I had forever, as long as I needed. There was no rush. I exhaled the earth and all its cycles, the sun and planets, the stars and galaxies, mysteries and time — all flowed out of me like one long, great wave until I was empty.

There were no engines, though. My vision returned and I slowly, shakily stood up in the glaring midday sun and looked at the lineup of cars and motorbikes and trucks, miraculously stopped, everyone waiting to see if I would rise or if the fall was the end of me.

Later that day, I was in a taxi (car) on my way home from the hospital and we got in an accident. It was minor and no one was hurt.

That day, and in the days that followed, I used techniques to release the stored energy of trauma from my body.

I did this without really thinking about it, it comes naturally. There are many useful ways to do this, and I find that my body chooses the best one for the situation. I thought it might be helpful to share some advice on releasing trauma, as well as the techniques my body chose for this incident.

  • It’s important to learn to release trauma right away and not wait for it to settle on you.
  • Become aware of your breath as soon as possible. You might be holding your breath or hyperventilating. Encourage your body to breath long, slow and steady. Your breath will support you, structurally.
  • Keep your mind still. It might try to jump in and narrate your situation.
    Deal with what is right in front of you. Usually your thinking mind is not necessary for that.

Once I was home, I took a shower and then activated certain pressure points in a specific sequence, while breathing in a very relaxed, slow and rhythmic way.

I placed myself deep into a cocoon in the heart of my Future Self, outside of time.

I did not allow my mind to tell any stories, none at all, about my injuries, about how dangerous the driving conditions are where I am, about how I had two accidents in one day, about how any of this would affect my future. I remained rooted in the present, in the simple act of doing whatever presented in the moment.

I checked in with myself several times and day and especially just before sleep and just upon waking, asking myself: are you alright? I noticed each time that in that moment, I was alright.

Once I started taking motorcycle taxis again, I remained aware of my breathing, relaxed my entire body, and hummed to myself. Humming or singing moves energy.

The way traffic is here, you will experience many near misses every time you’re on the road, so each time a near miss happened, I immediately asked myself: are you alright? And of course, in that moment, I was alright, so I answered, yes, I’m alright.

I used the Rewind, Edit methods that I teach in the Mastery Course. These are covered in Lessons 7 and 9. If you’ve taken Mastery, you can revisit those.

I listened to the Cutting Cords audio spell, which is on my youtube channel. I was focused on releasing trauma, not on healing. I also have a Healing audio spell posted to youtube, but for releasing trauma, cutting cords is more applicable.

I felt no anxiety or fear as I lay on the pavement. I was entirely at peace. Even so, the body will hold trauma and the faster you can process it, let it pass and wash out of you, the less of a big deal it will be.

I let the past go, even as it’s happening. But my body doesn’t, not without some timely assistance and support to move that shock through, and out. You are eternal, and have nothing at stake, but your body knows it is finite and vulnerable. Whenever you have a great shock, immediately jump in to help your body return to calm and security.

The pressure points I activate are very similar to the ones described in a method called EFT (emotional freedom technique). That technique has a lot of extra steps, I think you are to speak certain words whilst tapping. I don’t do any of that, but you might find it helpful. There’s nothing mystical about it, it just helps to move energy through your body by stimulating the meridians.

I don’t think you have to buy anything, there are probably free demonstrations of basic EFT tapping online. I just breathe and love myself deeply whilst tapping my points. That’s it.

Affirming that you are alright throughout the day anchors you in the reality that you are actually alright. Your body will pressure your mind to concoct stories, scenarios, relive the incident, prognosticate about the future. In any of these unreal mind traps you may not be okay. But when you check in with yourself in real time you’ll find you are safe and you’re okay.

It’s better to ask yourself, rather than tell yourself, that you’re okay. By asking, your body has to stop and actually see what’s real in the moment, and affirm that it is indeed safe and okay.

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