Release Into The Void

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Your attachment to spirituality is holding you back

A guided meditation to enter the Void State.

Everything you’ve been taught, everything you’ve embraced, everything you believe. Let it go.

Our attachment to beliefs about spirituality, as well as our desire for comfort over raw, unfiltered reality are locks that keep us tethered, unable to pass beyond the veil. 

The Void State is the ultimate destination for seekers of truth, freedom, and enlightenment. It is the place where you can dissolve your ego, merge with the Source, and unleash your infinite potential. This guided meditation will take you on a journey to the Void State and reveal its secrets to you.

This is the 3rd video in the Future Self Series

Practical reasons to learn to enter the Void

Entering the Void State can be the highest form of relaxation, clearing the mind and body from stress and the neurological burden of constant distractions. It’s the ultimate rest and reset. For some purposes, it’s superior to meditation because it doesn’t require effort to maintain and it doesn’t have the potential downsides. Yes, there are possible negative side effects from meditation.

Magical reasons to learn to enter the Void

The Void is where you connect with your Future Self. It is the Zero Point from which all manifestation is seeded. It’s the portal and bridge to reality shifting, stream jumping, or whatever you want to call it. It is both the space and the substance from which you can nourish and power all of your bodies: mental, emotional, etheric, physical, etc. Magic is real.

The spiritual seeking, the journey, the path. It’s all a distraction.

Pull your focus back. Pull back the veil.

Receiving the darkness, the dark silent embrace, entirely beyond what is known, what is imagined. You wanted bliss and ecstasy, you wanted enlightenment. Release beyond these desires.

How can I connect with my Future or Higher self?

Your Future Self is met on the other side. The other side of the knowable. You want to know, to see, to experience…awakening. You want to know, to see and to experience awakening more than you want to be awake. What if awakening is beyond knowing, seeing and experiencing in the expected ways?

These conditions are locks that hold you fast, that keep you locked out of true gnosis. Relinquish your conditions.

Your loves, your most cherished loves, your cherished ideas of love and god and home, returning home – evolving into someone worthy of return. The story you hold close in the deepest unexamined part of your heart. Relinquish all this.

Clinging to beauty and spiritual comfort and certainty is a trap.

Relinquish the beauty. The unbearable beauty. First you step out of the dis-ease and into an expanded state of awareness. This brings relief, comfort, intense beauty. You want to stay, you want more of this, please! Your Future Self is beyond this. If you nourish your attachment to spiritual comfort, beauty and ecstasy, you will not be able to pass through. As hard as it is to accept, this is not your end. This is not your home.

You might not believe it, but you probably have more attachment to your pain and suffering than to beauty and comfort.

Relinquish your pain, the wrongs done to you, eternal embers that burn you still, the wrongs you’ve done to others, your need to rise above, to be good enough, to atone, to make the world a better place, to make yourself a better person. Releasing the pain itself is one thing, releasing your unexamined beliefs about your pain is actually so much harder. Root out these ideas and beliefs. They are not even yours, you did not come to these ideas naturally, on your own. They were served to you by family, society, religion and…the interference template above all of that.

The sorrows, you can’t stop looking at them, holding them, carrying them with you cycle after cycle. You believe you’re supposed to learn something. Then you can move beyond. Let that go.

And finally, your purpose. Is your belief in your purpose holding you back?

Your karma, your mission. You’re always trying to uncover it, or running away from it or running toward it. Give it up.

All that you cherish. Hold close, all the higher, spiritual ideas you hold close.

“There is a greater love, I believe, I believe.

“The next world, the higher self, pulled into the beating heart of creation.

“Having tea with the Buddha, Now we’re in the garden by the stream, the sounds, heavenly, where is it coming from? The buddha smiles serenely, knowingly. I am known here, welcome, home. Falling into the heart of compassion, finally, the mother’s arms, the all encompassing love.

“Stay, stay. They say ‘you can stay’ I could stay here
…but this is not the end, this is not home, this is not me.”

Move resolutely now, into the darkness, into the silence. Unlock the door to the unknown, beyond the known. You can feel it, right? Something so powerfully real, finally real, awaits you there. Beyond.

Beyond love. Beyond bliss and enlightenment. Beyond hope. Beyond attainment and striving for attainment. Beyond birth and death and birth and death and the story, the story, the stories. Move beyond the endless swirling circle into the deepest darkness and silence.

Into the unknown.

Release into the void guided meditation

25 minutes 3 seconds

You need headphones

This is a richly layered, binaural audio spell — you’ll need headphones and make sure the speakers are in the correct ears. It’s created to activate different brain hemispheres, so make sure your L/R speakers are on the correct ears!

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
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Ready? Go to youtube to listen, or click the video below.

Reader Comments

“Thank you for the Part 3 Future Self video. I attended the premiere and it was beautiful. Last November, the last remaining bit of ‘legacy code’ in my brain that ran on symbolic logic suddenly vanished, and it’s been an interesting few months navigating life from this very different perspective.”

“This energetic exploration and guidance you achieve in your sound baths within the Space (or Void) is exactly what I have been looking for. You have such a gift to be able to work in this way, and I deeply appreciate you sharing it with others. Your presence is so warm and I no longer feel like I’m flailing around blindly in the unknown all on my own.”

“I just wanted to say your meditation and words were spot on and very timely. Yesterday I once again found myself resisting emptiness and suffering as a result. Your blog post and video reminded me not to resist the process even if it is not what I expected. You also reminded that I have to leave the mind behind and of course it feels like dying and no one wants to die.”

“I do find myself wanting to hold on to Love, the idea of beauty and redemption for everyone. But you and Ram Dass are right, everything must go. The dissolution itself seems to be the end game, if this process has an end that is. No one warns you that this is what awakening entails.”


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