Meeting Your Destiny

Temple under streaming light in a cave.

Some of us do the deepest work in our dreams.

Who are these characters in our dreams, and what are they telling us? 

Sometimes we create Dream Avatars to help us access wisdom and unclaimed abilities. Let’s dive into one of our reader’s watery dreams and see what we find there…


I had this dream last night where I was with a slightly older, sensei like man.

I’ll try to describe this but it’ll be hard. Think of the tassels on the ends of elaborate pillows. Now imagine them as 6 feet long and with a mind of their own to read the person they connect with — Ultra Sensory Tentacles. These tentacles wrapped around me as a protective barrier but then they became a little too encompassing.

The man calmly told me to let go, even though he knew they were going to suffocate me if I freaked out. I am all persons in my dreams and in waking life, I also do the same thing to people who have giant bugs/spiders on their shoulders — “Mmm…I’m just going to grab something on your shoulder real quick.

Later people thank me for not freaking out and saying, “HOLD STILL! YOU’VE GOT A BUG ON YOU!” One unnecessary freak out begets another.

I guess some emotional barriers are breaking down — although my dream did end up with a giant Kraken in it swallowing whales alive. As Krakens normally do.


I like your Fancy Pillow Sensei.

Why not make your dream players helpful and original?

You have so many Top Tier abilities and qualities, but you can’t always access them all as “yourself,” so it’s helpful to create a temporary separate entity, bestow the qualities to them and then have them give them back to you in the way you need. In the way you’re ready for at that moment.

Emotional, psychological barriers, plus karmic ones — they all have the possibility now to shift and open, allowing you to move — not two steps ahead, but to leap out of one stream of reality into another.

But that kind of move is scary and unsettling and goes against some basic security drives that make us want to cling to what is known, what we feel we can control. In the process, we cling to our own smallness, the shell we’ve long ago grown out of, we even cling to our old pains and insecurities and fears.

I affirm Fancy Pillow Sensei’s advice. Let go. Because your spirit wants to step forward into a much more expanded version of yourself, to experience life the way you intended when you came.

But you can’t make it through the portal with all the old stuff. If you freak out, you’ll get pulled under and backward. And if you think about it, when has freaking out ever helped you? Or anyone?

Let go. Step forward and be equal to your destiny.

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