Meet Your Future Self

Meet your future self asmr guided meditation.

An Audio Bridge To Your Future Self

A one hour guided meditation to connect with your future self.

There is no better guide or teacher, guru or protector — no more potent or trustworthy source for you than your Future Self. Connecting with your Future Self is the end of spiritual dependency.

This is Part 4 in the FUTURE SELF SERIES.

Why connect with your Future Self? 

There are more reasons to connect with your Future Self than I wish to write here, but the primary one that concerns you now is freedom from spiritual bondage, confusion and dependency. 

Your Future Self isn’t an external entity to whom you need to petition or ally yourself. It IS YOU. It is your completion, it is you at the point you touch the Source (and no, not just the source of Creation, beyond that). It is also the beginning point of You. Because the completion and the beginning are one. 

Okay, damn it, stop with the Yoda-speak already! Let’s consider the practical applications. 

The Ultimate Guide

Do you harbor a subtle belief that some teacher or system or group has the answer to your spiritual questions? You’ve got to read one more book, listen to another podcast, take some more plant medicine or do a longer retreat in some far away place? 

There’s nothing wrong with reading and learning, but at the root of it, do you believe you are spiritually dependent on something external? Is something or someone out there holding the key to your spiritual awakening, deepening, blossoming? You know the right answer, we all do, but I’m not asking you for the right answer, I’m asking you what you really believe, on a deep level. Be honest. 

Your actions show you what you really believe. How much of your time, energy, resources are spent cultivating, nurturing and connecting to your so called inner guidance vs how much of your time, thoughts, energy, attention, resources are directed outward — either to some external source or trying to find the external source?

How many habits do you allow to flourish that dull your inner clarity and ability to connect inwardly? How much spiritual content do you consume vs inner spiritual guidance and actual practice? This is not the only indicator — but it is a pretty good one — for whether you are spiritually dependent, aka: a seeker. 

You’re bristling. I know. What’s wrong with being a Seeker? Am I now using that word as a pejorative? 

It’s not always easy or quick, but if you apply yourself to connecting with and then immersing yourself in the energy of your own Future Self, absolutely marinate yourself in it daily, you will transform into something other than a Seeker. It doesn’t mean you just turn inward and cease to look, but your eyes will finally start to open, so that when you do look, you’ll FIND. 

The result? Efficiency. Sufficiency. 

The Ultimate Protector

You can seek favors from God, angels, demons even. You can carry around the Buddha’s tooth in an amulet. You can put up your own wards and protections. But nothing compares to syncing yourself to the energy of your Future Self. 

Connect to the fullness of your being. It’s actually very hard to hold even a fraction of this energy, this particular frequency. Just the regular act of attempting to sync yourself to it will bring about pretty intense mental/emotional/energetic purifications — as a side effect. 

By protection, I don’t just mean protection from harm, attack or predation. I also mean protection from befuddlement, confusion and being led astray into some spiritual/mental/energetic loop. There are so many ideas and paths out there that sound intriguing and credible, but they are actually just thought viruses — meant to put a spanner in the works and kill or divert your momentum. If you remain in sync with your Future Self, nurture and expand your capacity for that connection — you will be protected from this. 

I basically have a non-stick surface at this point and dead end, misleading and not-what-I-need-at-the-moment ideas and information just roll away from me without leaving any residue. 

The Future Self meditation has three parts

Entering the Sanctuary

Creating a safe space, free of all external influence, is an important part of this process. If you haven’t explored this aspect, you can find that specific meditation here.

Releasing the Armour

Now, in this safe space, it’s time to peel away the accumulated concrete of your stories. This creates an external and an internal armour, and both need to be released. You can explore this aspect separately here.

In this part we go further than in the separate Releasing The Armour video. One thing that tends to happen when you release the armour — or indeed do anything that significantly raises your natural, pure energy — is you kind of go ecstatic and the energy wants to lift your consciousness up and out. 

In this portion of the audio I guide you to root down through your pelvis and bring that energy back into your physical system, where it will actually do some good. 

The problem with letting your consciousness burst up and away is two-fold. First, it feels really good but it’s basically a form of escapism (unless you do it 100% intentionally and for a specific purpose). You do it, it feels awesome, and then it’s over. You might still feel good for a little while, but you pretty much just spilled this energy all over the place without purpose, and so you’ll need to do it again to “have the experience” — which of course, is not the purpose anyway. But we all tend to be energy junkies and it’s easy to get in this cycle with a lot of practices that raise a certain flavor of energy. 

Secondly, when you spill this wonderful, prime energy out there all over the place, you attract scavengers who are more than happy to take advantage of such a feast of squandered riches. If you do this kind of thing regularly, they will just hang around. I’m referring to non-physical energy parasites, but also vampiric people.

Most of them don’t even know they are feeding off of this potent energy overflow — they just know they feel good around you, and it’s because of this second hand high. 

So learn to let that energy expand and then pull it back where it belongs, where it will nourish and enrich you in a deep and meaningful way. It takes practice, but it’s worth the effort.

Releasing into the Void

You’ve secured your space, you’ve dropped your heavy armour, you’ve raised and purified your energy…now let it all go. You can explore this aspect here.

This is hard. You think you’ve let go, but you haven’t really. Let go. It takes time and practice, but we do learn to let go. Not into the light, but into the darkness, into the complete unknown, without conditions. Into the Void. 

You’ll trip over furniture you didn’t even know was there. You’ll do this many, many times. You can think of these fixtures as built-in furnishings of the mind, of the psyche. What are you tripping over? 

Karma? A belief that life is a school and you’re nowhere near a diploma? Guilt? Regret? Fear of Death? How about Heaven, Enlightenment and Bliss? Those are often the hardest to remove. You’ll trip hard over any expectations of what’s on the other side. 

You will trip over these things as you’re trying to release yourself beyond the known. It’s okay. Keep at it. 

Give it time and space

This is an intense meditation. It’s an intense process — for me also, after all this time working with it. Give it the space, time and consideration it deserves. 

Reader Reviews

“This whole Future Self series has been a great source of guidance and Part IV especially has changed something.

“I now behold a brilliant conduit of energy that cuts through the Void. There are some differences in this conduit’s flavor compared to that of the Void. It is notably devoid of emotion despite its remarkable power. While the Void is a blinding darkness, an unstructured structure, this conduit has a defined shape and color to it. It also feels very grounded, solid, and stable rather than airy.

“The largest change however, is that it is now almost painful to displace from the present. Like a pendulum, I had been “wiggling” back and forth because I thought it was necessary to move around in time to process information, but since the shutdown of symbolic processing, maybe that’s not needed anymore…”

Meet Your Future Self

1 hour 6 minutes
Binaural, listen with headphones
Make sure the correct speaker is in each ear (right, left)
Layered audio meditation
Listen on youtube

Meet Your Future self full meditation audio on youtube.

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