Meditation To Connect With Your Higher Self

Use this easy technique to get answers from your Higher Self.

You always have access to the wisdom, the answer, the clarity you need.

In this guided meditation, we’ll practice the art of Inner Consultation, connecting with the Higher Self to retrieve the answer and guidance that’s perfect for you. Magic is real!

Guided meditation | 35 minutes
Headphones are a must, make sure the left and right sides are in the correct ears

Access your deepest wisdom. Calibrate to your Future Self.

We have a habit of looking outside ourselves for answers and guidance. We look to books, blogs, podcasts, other people, tarot cards, astrology. We’re convinced the answer is out there, and it’s our job (or obsession) to find it.

If you’re honest, sometimes you look to the world with a kind of hunger and neediness, because you can’t retain your awareness that you are the source, and the external world is what mirrors it back to you.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with letting external sources provide guidance and important information. Only, it’s not the first step in getting the best guidance, the information that reveals what you need to know, the step that’s perfect for you right now. 

The first step is Inner Consultation, connecting with your Future Self, your higher self, your inner wisdom, or whatever you like to call it. Once you’ve done that, you can relax and open. Once you’ve calibrated to your Higher Self, you can be sure your world will mirror back to you signs and synchronicities, without all the random static, misdirection and confusion.

When you calibrate to your higher self, your external and internal worlds become mediums of direct communication with your higher self. You’ve first set the compass, the frequency, tuned to the specific channel of your expanded being. Now your world is calibrated to show you what you’ve asked for, and importantly — what you’ve made yourself ready to receive.

In this guided meditation, we’ll practice a method of consulting your higher self. This isn’t the same as tapping into your fantasy or thoughts or wishes — these can confuse and distract you. Instead, you’ll learn to access the temple at the very center of your being, your sacred center space, where you’ll find the answer that’s perfect for you, in this moment. 

Like so many of my meditations, this is not as much a set of instructions as it is an energetic vehicle, so that you can experience what it feels like to calibrate to your higher self and receive the the information you most need to know in this moment.

Your Higher Self is the best and only guide you’ll ever need.

You can always access the information you need right now. What can be confusing is that your higher self has access to all information, and when you really tune in to it and learn to open that flow of knowledge — it can all come flooding in. 

This is especially true if you have prominent Ultra Sensory or psychic abilities. I think a lot of the popular information out there about opening to your higher self for guidance totally fails to address what that can be like for people who are already highly intuitive or who have advanced expanded perception. 

When people like us open that connection and intend to receive information — it can result in an absolute flood of intel. That can be exciting and it can be totally overwhelming, but worst of all, it can be distracting and kind of contrary to our original intention to receive the guidance we need right now to move our lives, our growth, forward. 

You can see why it’s important to calibrate to the higher self and then maintain your clear focus, your intention to select only the one message, or packet of information — the one that will deliver the guidance you need right now.

What you need is the step that’s perfect for your right now. And then in the next moment, you need that step, insight, dream, activation, synchronicity or opening. You need one at a time, and you always have access to the one you need right now, if you practice and keep faith with this inner-consultation. 

The step you need right now might be very small or subtle, but if you don’t take it, you can’t get the next one. 

Your body and mind and energy field are instruments to be tuned — finely tuned, in order to navigate the flow of reality. Learn to be intentional, focused, masterful in choosing and balancing and adjusting. 

First, we contain our practice to our energy field.

In this meditation, you’ll notice it “happens” in a physical space. I call this my energy biosphere. Some call it their aura or energy field. 

It’s helpful to visualize things like information or energy in a concrete way — this makes it much easier to work with, move around, contain and manipulate. 

In this meditation, I want you to tune yourself to your higher self, and then with every exhale, imagine your are pulling information up from the temple at the center of your being. 

With every exhale, you breathe that information up and out, into your energy sphere. Do this for a while and your biosphere will appear to be filled with tiny sparkling bits of information. They can appear like gold dust or tiny sparkling gems or points of light. 

See them filling up your sphere, floating all around you. 

We want to contain this to your energy sphere for two main reasons: 

  1. So you can visualize them outside of yourself as discrete objects. This makes it easier to choose one.
  2. So they are contained and don’t disperse all over the place. 

There are added benefits to working this way, but these are the main two ideas to understand for our purposes.

Ask yourself: what do I need to know right now? 

At this point, your energy field is filled with innumerable bits of information. It’s pretty amazing, really. Take a moment to really feel and acknowledge how much information is always available to you.

Each point of information has its own sound and feel and weight and qualities, its own tone. Just listen to the sound of all these bits of information, humming and singing together.

The purpose of this guided meditation is for you to learn to feel it on your own, and eventually you will be able to do this easily, immediately and naturally — without any kind of assist from my audio or anything else. So do pay attention to what each step feels like, in your energy, in your body. 

Now, remember why you’re here, what you’re doing here. You have a single purpose, and even though sitting in a sphere that’s bursting with all this information can be nearly intoxicating, incredibly energizing, you do have a purpose and that’s to get the one point of information that’s perfect for you in this moment.

What step, what opening, what insight, do you need to access right now? So that you can move forward, move into the flow of fulfillment, of wisdom, of well being? Ask it with your heart, through your heart.

Your whole energy field will be filled with information. It will flow out of your center space and fill up your biosphere, like a cloud of tiny, sparkling particles. Each little particle is an entire world of information. You’ll feel all these particles floating around inside your energy field. It’s beautiful and invigorating. When you’re ready, ask your question.

You’ll select the one, from all these sparkling gems. And you’ll do that by letting the heart ask the question. 

Let your heart ask the question: what do I need right now? One of these particles, one of these points of light, contains exactly what you need in this moment. Let your heart choose, your heart knows. There’s no effort, no strain, your heart knows what to do now. 

The mind might try to interfere at this point. As always, it wants to be the one to ask the question. It thinks it knows, but really the mind is always the last to know. So let the mind be still and let the question come from the heart.

Your heart asks the question, and then the heart chooses the particle, the gem, the single point of light that’s floating and vibrating in your energy sphere. It chooses from among all these points — the one that is the perfect match for the question.

You’ll integrate this information into your whole system.

Once your heart has chosen, you’ll take that one particle of light back into your system, and integrate it — let it fill you and calibrate your reality stream, so that the opening, the realization, the synchronicity, the healing — the perfect next step opens up for you.

You’ll do this by focusing in on the one point of light. It will become clear and all the others will sort of recede. Then you breathe it back in — into your body. You breathe it in, and it will unpack all its data, and calibrate your system so that your inner and external worlds are synched up to deliver the signs, the information, the dreams — whatever would best open the perfect next step for you. 

You contain everything. This is “how it works.”

Observe this closed loop sequence: 

You use your breath to bring up a cloud of information, which fills your energy field.

You use your heart to ask the true question, which causes the matching information to identify itself.

You breathe that one particle of information back in — allowing you to integrate it into your surface reality. 

This calibrates your body, mind and energy field to this specific frequency. 

And this results in your surface layers of reality being coded to give you the next step, to open the way, to move the set pieces around, to configure your local field of reality. 

Is this magical practice, or spiritual practice? 

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In my experience, true natural magic and authentic spirituality are intertwined. Once you get out of magic as ritual or spirituality as ritual — you find that the flow of spirit and magic often become woven together, indistinguishable. 

When you advance to higher streams of natural magic, you are faced with the absolute need to investigate and develop your spirituality. When you advance to higher states of spiritual awareness and consciousness, your innate Ultra Sensory abilities can kick into high gear — making it imperative to learn how to manage them. 

We end up in the space where magic and spirituality blend, and the pursuit of one requires the understanding of the other.

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