Money MEDITATION + Physical Regeneration

Guided Meditation Draw in Wealth and Upgrade DNA for Health and Youth

A hypnotic, layered meditation audio spell for drawing wealth, health, and rejuvenation. 

Well, those are the top notes to keep your mind busy while we slide in some cues to help you jump reality streams. 

Interested? Read on.

The Heart is your Reality Creation Engine #1.

This audio spell has layers that address imbalances in the Heart Engine. I could write at length about the role the Heart Engine plays in the alchemy of creating your own reality, but perhaps that is for another video.

For now, let’s just say it has lower and higher functions. Lower functions could be thought of as ordinary emotions or feelings. Those can certainly fuel your reality creation engine.

There is a higher function, though, and I’m kind of at a loss to ascribe a single catchy name for it. Maybe think of it as what your soul or spirit “feels” rather than emotions generated by or for your persona or Synthetic Self. You can power your Heart Engine with this. And you are probably already guessing which fuel I prefer, but just know that either will work, with varied results.

Some people who have gone through a massive spiritual transformation or awakening can sometimes experience Empty Heart Syndrome. That sounds really sad and terrible, but it’s really not. And I’m not getting into the details here about this. But those of you who experience this will automatically know what I’m talking about, so this is for YOU!

You may find it really hard, or maybe even impossible, to create reliably, effectively, out there in the world, when you have Empty Heart Syndrome. While this audio spell doesn’t focus on this, there are layers added that do work on that level.

Reality Creation Engine #2: Your Mind

While the Heart acts literally as an engine, your mind acts like an organizing filter for reality creation. Which is one of the reasons it’s so very important to increase your level of understanding, command and mastery of your mental apparatus. It’s a very powerful tool that works with you or…not. 

Does  your mind function effectively or is it more like a demon-possessed Roomba — sucking up other people’s hair and dust as it bashes into your furniture and eventually always seems to get stuck under the bed.

I’ve included layers in this audio sound bath that speak directly to the mind. 

Engine #3: Will

You can also think of this engine in terms of action and authority. 

First of all, by what authority do you command and create? Have you really thought about this? In Peerless I talk a lot about personal sovereignty — which is the ultimate expression of authority, or authorship. If you don’t have a lifelong practice of establishing and guarding your personal authority, you will not get anything close to Peak Function out of your Will Engine. 

You guessed it. I included layers to speak to this. Magic is real, are you willing to embrace it?

Earthly Life: I like it not! 

Lastly, a lot of spiritual people disdain physical existence and earthly life. If you feel you don’t belong here and you’re bidding your time until you can vibrate out of this 3D prison, you will have difficulty intentionally creating your reality here. 

Confusion, disdain for the physical, pathological disassociation you’ve conveniently misidentified as “spiritual non-attachment”, star seed obsession…these all provide weak and even dangerous scaffolding on which to build your own reality. 

I’ve added a layer to address this. 

Is this magic? Will it work? 

It can absolutely effect you, even in profound ways — in spite of not being tailor made for you.

However, true spell work is about what happens before the spell is crafted. It’s going deep to identify objections and inner blocks to your stated aims — not to remove them, but to transform them into allies, or the very tools with which you create your stated goals. 

So the end “product”, the crafted spell, is really just a powerful seal. We create it to codify and seal into yourself and into the matrix or fabric of reality, the work you’ve done in transforming your inner blocks and obstacles into allies. 

In so far as you are able and ready to receive and seal the layers included in this “general” audio spell, you will experience effects. It can also catalyze your own internal process of transforming some inner blocks and obstacles into allies. It can jump start that work. You’ll have to stay with it, though, because it is work.

This isn’t a magic bullet though. It’s not created to match your specific frequency. The best way to remedy this is to really relax and allow your own frequency to align with the ones sealed into the audio. You don’t need to know how to do this, just relax as much as possible and intend to allow yourself to move with that magnetic attraction. It’s something you just drop into, not something you think about or try to figure out.

Why $13,000? Why 25?

Spells need to be very specific, and they need to be highly personalized. This audio spell is really just an example of this kind of product or tool. For a “real” audio spell, I work with a person so that every single layer is tuned to their specific Heart, Mind and Will frequencies. And everything, every choice of word, every statement of intent, is precise and specific to the person. 

Since this is for general release, I added placeholders. I chose the monthly income target of $13,000 because it sounds nice to me, and I really like the number 13. I used the age of 25 for the inner clock reset. It’s just a good, round, mid-youth age when people are generally healthy. There is nothing really special or significant about my choices here. 

How do I use this meditation? 

You need headphones

This is a richly layered, binaural audio spell — you’ll need headphones and make sure the speakers are in the correct ears. It’s created to activate different brain hemispheres, so make sure your L/R speakers are on the correct ears!

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, thanks

The best way to use this is at first to relax in a quiet space, use headphones (seriously, don’t bother without headphones) and let yourself drift. If possible, don’t overly focus on any part of it. Expand your awareness into more of an open sky or open ocean state, and let the sound do its work in your system. Your mind might occasionally focus on a word or phrase here and there, but overall, you remain expansive.

If you can’t remain in the expansive state, that’s okay. Your mind might be stuck in micro-mode. It will want to focus in on this layer or that one, or whatever. Don’t fight it. But it’s better to let the mind settle on one layer, whatever the dominant layer is, and relax with that. Let the other layers come and go like waves on the beach. Let them come and go. If your mind tries to focus on all the layers, you might get a headache.

Obviously, this is never to be used whilst driving or some equivalent focused task. If you are inexperienced with this kind of audio, you should probably just sit or be in bed and do this exclusively. I’m so used to it that I throw on headphones and listen while I’m cleaning the house or doing laundry — no big deal. It depends on what your system is used to.

Try this a few times. I’d love to hear your feedback — just drop into the comments section of the youtube video and let me know your reactions and experience with it.

COMMON SENSE: If you have a problem that requires emergency services, a financial planner, a doctor, therapist or any other field of expertise, please seek out the proper assistance. This video and all materials provided here are not a substitute.

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