Managing Emotional Intensity in a Crisis

Feeling emotionally out of control?

Calm your emotions with this guided heart centered meditation. 

Are you overwhelmed with personal and ambient emotional intensity? You can go where those rushing emotions take you, or you can practice mastery.

The following meditation video requires headphones — please make sure you’re in a relaxing pose (lying down or sitting) and make sure you listen with headphones.


Can you master your intense emotions?

Mastery is a loaded word, isn’t it? You assume you need to be a Master to practice Mastery — when it’s the practice of Mastery that leads to being a Master. Weird and backwards, but true.

You enter the practice of mastery through whatever door is available to you, at whatever level you find yourself. You may have had the keys to the penthouse not too long ago, but after months of being ground down by all that the coronavirus pandemic has wrought around and within us, you very well might look around to find yourself in less than lofty places.

It’s okay.

Enter the practice of Mastery from wherever you are.

So, where are you?

Shhhhhh…don’t dash off into a mental assessment just yet. Let’s just stay here, together, where you are. If you’ve taken the Peerless course, you know what to do now, don’t you? You already know what I’m going to say.

Let’s do it together then. Right now. Come back. Breathe and come home. Where have you been? Where have you flown off to — maybe on the wings of fear or sadness or frustration or concern for something or someone in particular? It’s okay. Now is the time to come home. Every last bit of you, every last fragment. Let’s come home now. Gently find the Center, use your breath, feel the space in the bowl of your pelvis. Use your breath as a magnet to bring yourself home.

Call back your energy, retrieve your soul

How is this? Are there still little slivers of you out there? Some wisps of you still roaming out there, attached to something or someone? It’s okay. Now you can use your Love to bring these home. Now, use your Love as a magnet to bring yourself home. Smile out into the Matrix and from your center: I love you. Come home now. I love you. Come home.

Let’s just be quiet a while together. Maybe you can feel now, how full you are. But also, at the same time, how empty and quiet you are, too.

Feel the fullness in your heart

Let’s just feel this for a while. How, you are so full, you need to relax and let yourself stretch and expand a little, just to accomodate this beautiful fullness. You can feel the area behind your eyes relax and expand a little.

From here, we can explore the Heart. You don’t have to think about it, you can just explore and feel around. One one level, the Heart processes and mediates a lot of emotional energy. Right now it might be over stimulated, you might be pushing too much through it. On the other hand, it might have shut down. Some people have a shut off switch, and when things get too intense, they shut it down. Whether yours is inflamed, or shut down, or something else…it’s okay. Let’s just check in with it now.

Check in with your heart

Of course, when we bring ourselves into this center space, sometimes the Heart just calms way down and isn’t acting inflamed or anything. You feel grounded and calm and so the Heart calms down. That’s okay, too. But let’s still look at it and feel around it and check in. You can talk to the Heart: How are you doing? You are handling so much. How is it for you? Can I do anything for you? 

Whatever comes up, it’s okay. You’re just listening and not getting involved or carried away by it. Let yourself be a kind observer. Is nothing coming up? That’s okay, too. It’s enough to be here as a caring witness. It’s enough to show up in full.

Let this witnessing of the Heart go for now

Just release it from your attention and let your attention expand a bit. You can feel the space in your chest, and in and around your throat. Let’s just settle into this a bit. Take an expansive breath, and scrunch your shoulders up, and scrunch your face up too. And then let it go. Let your breath go, and your shoulders go, and your face. Feel the balanced weight in your pelvis. Just notice that things are kind of settled here, and it feels okay. We’re grounded here, and that gives us a better sense of balance, in every way. We also have more space and lucidity: you can definitely feel this through your chest and your throat and behind your eyes.

You can stay right here for a moment, and then use this as the stable point from which you continue on your day.

Or, you can explore the next octave of the Heart. This is the Heart at the center of the world. Some of you will immediately know the path to that, just my mentioning it will trigger a body memory of it, dropping into it, taking it up. If you don’t, then let me know and maybe we’ll try it together sometime in a future meditation.

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