Advanced Dreaming: Guided Lucid Dreaming Meditation Video

A Specialized Sleep Meditation For Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to realize in the middle of a dream that you are dreaming? I’ve created a powerful guided meditation to induce lucid dreaming. The effects go entirely beyond lucid dreaming, and if you continue to use this process, you will eventually merge the dreaming mind and waking mind.

It’s up to you how far you go with this lucid dreaming induction technique.

The more you engage with the energies in this video, the deeper you will go.

Length: 1 hour (1:06:26)
Binaural (stereo)
Deeply layered
Listen as you fall asleep
Brain hemisphere synchronization

Use this guided sleep meditation video to fall asleep and experience lucid dreaming. The lush, layered audio is designed to help you fall asleep, and become aware that you are dreaming.

It begins with a quiet, relaxing narration of Advanced Dreaming. You can find the original conversation about Advanced Dream experiences and techniques here. 


This video contains layered audio that is specifically designed to be heard by the left and right ear. Make sure you use the best headphones you have, and that the left and right sides are correctly placed on your head.

Got your headphones on? Go to the lucid dreaming meditation on youtube now.

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