Limbo Lounge Series

How to Deal with Losing Your Motivation

Some people experience a profound loss of motivation, and lose the┬ádesire and ability to set goals and accomplish them during or after spiritual awakening. Welcome… read

How to Engage in Life Again

After spiritual awakening, you may spend some time in the Hermit’s Cave. If it’s been a long time, you may be asking…how can I have… read

Welcome to My Afterlife

I feel like I’m dead. Like I’ve died and now I am a ghost, haunting my former life. My house is my own mausoleum, complete… read

Falling Out of Life

Reader Question: I was a spiritual seeker for 10 years, met some good teachers, wrote a book, was doing all right. Then fell in a… read

Which Limbo?

This may seem trivial, but it’s not. We are working to unravel these knotted balls of thought, feeling, concept, expectation, received wisdom and gathered data…so… read

Kundalini Blowout

Reader Question: I experienced Kundalini awakening at the beginning of this year, and I totally lost my touch with reality (saw entities, visited another dimensions,… read