Incoming! How to Live with Extrasensory Perception: How I Handle Ultra Sensory Downloads From Clients

Being psychic can take a physical toll. Here’s some advice about managing psychic downloads.

When you’re Ultra Sensory, you have to learn to be smart about how you handle incoming downloads, especially when you’re getting them from clients. 

We’re already living in a world flooded by information: news, ads social media (ahem…ads), app notifications, email, SMS. If you’re Ultra Sensory (US), you have a whole other data stream (or two, or five!) to manage. 

And information intrusion has negative mental and physical effects, people…whether it’s US or not. Your attention is fragmented, for one thing. And when you receive a US download, it costs! It’s like using up limited bandwidth and storage. A download is basically a push notification, and if you really slow it down and notice, you’ll see that it makes an impression on your body, it has a load

Getting downloads that are yours has a different quality. They do not have so much load or impact on your physical and energetic body. But receiving downloads that are meant for other people…that’s when being Ultra Sensory can degrade your health and wellbeing. 

Getting downloads for clients…how does that work?

A lot of my private consulting clients are blown away at some of the things I say during our sessions. “Where on earth does this information come from?” 

Well, it comes from YOU, where else? I’m just banging about my day and suddenly I get this information pushed right into my system. It feels urgent, uncomfortable and it has the distinct quality of not being mine. It’s a gigantic data download and takes up a lot of bandwidth and storage in my system, and I can’t get to my recording gear fast enough to unload it on you because that’s the easiest way to clear it. 

Clients tell me what’s going on with them. I listen, deeply, and then I go about my business until I get the answer, and it’s not something I’m thinking about and then generating. It lands on me like a pregnant buffalo while I’m doing the dishes or reading a book or taking a nap. My job is to unpack this download for my client and try to explain it in a way that will be understood. 

But getting these downloads pushed into my system has a negative impact on my physical wellbeing. I’ve found a simple way to deal with this, and if you’re US, this may be helpful to you as well.

Psychic freaking mailboxes. That’s right. Problem solved.

Just as you would turn off the ringer on your phone, turn off desktop notifications, etc., if you didn’t want to be imposed upon by every bit of data flying your way, you can take this approach energetically. 

Whenever I take on a new client, I “create” a mailbox for them that lives right outside my bedroom. It really doesn’t matter where you put them, but I’ve found it’s helpful to give them a specific place to live and to not change it. Having a fixed location seems to make this method more effective. 

I “reroute” the open line with the client that naturally gets created when I agree to work with them to their mailbox and I program it so that all the downloads go there. I set an energetic notification with the following parameters: I will be notified when the download is in the mailbox, but I will not receive any other information about the download. I also make the following commitment: As soon as I find an appropriate slot in my schedule, I will open the mailbox and translate and convey the download. 

These two parameters are important. When you open a line to receive a client’s download, you enter into a kind of agreement (whether you know it explicitly or not) to convey this information. If you don’t do so in a timely manner, the download will impose on you in increasingly annoying and physically taxing ways. By telling the system that you agree to receive a simple notification that the download has arrived and that you agree to find the time to process and deliver it, the system will honor your request because you are demonstrating that you understand the nature of the process and are willing to uphold your end without intrusive measures. 

And of course, you then need to honor your end. Without fail. When the download notification arrives, I acknowledge it explicitly. I say something like, “I see that I received a download for so and so. I will make time by the end of this weekend to process and deliver it.” And then I do that. 

It may seem weird, but it’s a two way conversation. There is a kind of intelligence, if only mechanical, on the other end and it all works better if you realize this and work with it. 

You may have to provide a little training at first. 

When I first started this, it didn’t work perfectly. Downloads would try to push their way in and as soon as I noticed them, I would provide some training to the system. 

You do this by stopping the download before it starts and, being very firm and clear, tell the system to put it in the mailbox. Then visualize the mailbox (this is why having it always in one place helps) and direct that download to the mailbox. Once it is there, tell the system again that you agree to receive an initial notification and that you agree to make time to process and deliver the information. 

Then do that. Because the system is in the process of learning and you must be predictable and reliable. Your word must be true. It only knows true/false, and it can be reprogrammed if everything you tell it is true.

I had to repeat this several times when I first started, and at different points in the process. For instance, the system would give me the notification, and when I acknowledged it, it would then try to push the download. So it got the notification right, but not the rest. Just make it stop its process, correct it clearly and with authority. Show it what to do. Repeat as necessary. It may take a few passes, but it does work. 

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