How to Seek and Receive Sage Advice


A guide to finding and benefiting from the wisdom and guidance of enlightened beings

We all need advice from time to time. We all face situations or questions that we don’t know how to handle or answer. We all seek guidance or direction that can help us to make better decisions or actions.

But where can we find the best advice? Who can we trust to give us the most reliable and helpful guidance? How can we recognize and receive the wisdom and guidance that we need?

One possible source of advice is the sage. A sage is an enlightened being who has realized their true nature, beyond the ego, the mind, and the body. A sage is a source of wisdom, compassion, and clarity. A sage is a guide, a teacher, and a friend.

Seeking and receiving sage advice can bring you many benefits, such as:

  • Solving your problems or challenges
  • Answering your questions or doubts
  • Clarifying your goals or purposes
  • Inspiring your creativity or expression
  • Supporting your growth or evolution

But how can you seek and receive sage advice? How can you find and connect with enlightened beings? How can you ask and listen to their wisdom and guidance?

In this post, I will share with you some tips on how to seek and receive sage advice. I will cover the following topics:

  • The qualities of sage advice
  • The sources of sage advice
  • The methods of sage advice

The Qualities of Sage Advice

Sage advice is not ordinary or common advice. It is not based on opinions, beliefs, or emotions. It is not influenced by biases, agendas, or expectations.

Sage advice is extraordinary and rare advice. It is based on facts, insights, and experiences. It is influenced by awareness, compassion, and harmony.

Sage advice has some distinctive qualities, such as:

  • Simplicity: Sage advice is simple and concise. It does not use complex or obscure words or concepts. It does not confuse or overwhelm you with too much information or details.
  • Relevance: Sage advice is relevant and applicable. It does not give you generic or vague answers or solutions. It does not ignore or dismiss your specific situation or context.
  • Depth: Sage advice is deep and profound. It does not give you superficial or trivial suggestions or tips. It does not avoid or evade your core issues or questions.
  • Honesty: Sage advice is honest and truthful. It does not lie or deceive you with false or misleading information or promises. It does not sugarcoat or flatter you with nice or pleasing words.
  • Kindness: Sage advice is kind and compassionate. It does not hurt or harm you with harsh or cruel words or actions. It does not judge or criticize you with negative or hostile attitudes.

These qualities of sage advice are not absolute or definitive, but rather relative and subjective. They can depend on your perception and interpretation. They can also vary depending on the situation and context.

The Sources of Sage Advice

Sage advice can come from different sources, such as:

  • Books: Sage advice can come from books written by enlightened beings. Books can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. Books can also allow you to access the teachings of sages from different times, places, and traditions.
  • Media: Sage advice can come from media produced by enlightened beings. Media can include podcasts, videos, blogs, articles, interviews, etc. Media can provide you with a variety of formats, styles, and perspectives. Media can also allow you to interact with sages in real time or asynchronously.
  • People: Sage advice can come from people who are enlightened beings. People can include teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, etc. People can provide you with a personal connection, feedback, and support. People can also allow you to learn from their examples, stories, and experiences.

These sources of sage advice are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary and interdependent. They can influence each other in various ways. They can also depend on your preferences, availability, and accessibility.

The Methods of Sage Advice

Sage advice can be sought and received in different ways, such as:

  • Asking: You can seek sage advice by asking questions to enlightened beings. You can ask questions that are specific, relevant, and sincere. You can also ask questions that are open-ended, exploratory, and reflective.
  • Listening: You can receive sage advice by listening to the answers of enlightened beings. You can listen with attention, curiosity, and openness. You can also listen with discernment, understanding, and appreciation.
  • Applying: You can benefit from sage advice by applying it to your life. You can apply it with action, experimentation, and evaluation. You can also apply it with flexibility, adaptation, and feedback.

These methods of sage advice are not sequential or linear, but rather circular and iterative. They are not rigid or fixed, but rather fluid and dynamic. They are not passive or active, but rather interactive and collaborative.

Remember, seeking and receiving sage advice is not a one-way or one-time process, but rather a two-way and ongoing one. It is not a matter of getting or taking, but rather a matter of giving and receiving.


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