Guided Meditation Video To Enter The Void State

A Powerful Reality Shifting Guided Meditation To Enter The Void State and Meet Your Future Self

This Video contains powerful techniques to enter the Void State, meet your Future Self and shift your reality stream. 


Entering the Void State can be the highest form of relaxation, clearing the mind and body from stress and the neurological burden of constant distractions. It’s the ultimate rest and reset. For some purposes, it’s superior to meditation because it doesn’t require effort to maintain and it doesn’t have the potential downsides. Yes, there are possible negative side effects from meditation.


The Void is where you connect with your Future Self. It is the Zero Point from which all manifestation is seeded. It’s the portal and bridge to reality shifting, stream jumping, or whatever you want to call it. It is both the space and the substance from which you can nourish and power all of your bodies: mental, emotional, etheric, physical, etc. 

This guided meditation is perfect for reality shifting, giving up your addiction to spiritual seeking, deep integration and healing, and meeting your Future Self. 

About this video

  • Length: 25 minutes (25:03)
  • Binaural (stereo)
  • Layered
  • Subliminal 
  • Hypnotic 
  • Brain hemisphere synchronization 

In this deeply layered, binaural, hypnotic meditation, you’ll step into your Spiritual Sanctuary and be guided through releasing your attachments so you can enter the Void State and meet your Future Self. This is the 3rd Video in the Future Self Series. 


This video contains layered audio that is specifically designed to be heard by the left and right ear. Make sure you use the best headphones you have, and that the left and right sides are correctly placed on your head.

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
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