Guided Sleep Meditation For Wealth And Money

A Powerful Reality Shifting Guided Sleep Meditation To Attract Wealth

This Video contains powerful techniques to shift your reality stream to increase your income, create wealth and improve your money luck. This is a guided sleep meditation, so listen to it as you fall asleep to attract money, wealth and financial freedom.

One of the powerful techniques to manifest wealth and money is to remove energetic blocks to wealth. What’s blocking you from being wealthy, making more money and achieving financial freedom? Are you ready to let these blocks go? Once you do, it will be much easier to jump reality streams.

Use this specialized guided meditation to release energetic blocks to your wealth and remove beliefs, habits and soul contracts that are preventing you from becoming wealthy. Magic is real, embrace it. 

About this video

  • Length: 1 hour 30 minutes (1:36:18)
  • Binaural (stereo)
  • Layered
  • Subliminal 
  • Hypnotic 
  • Listen as you fall asleep
  • Brain hemisphere synchronization 

In this deeply layered, binaural, hypnotic meditation, you’ll step into your Dream Sanctuary and be guided through cutting your energetic and emotional cords or attachments to people and patterns and soul contracts.

In this meditation you’ll be guided to:

➤See what’s blocking you, and why
➤Remove etheric, energetic and emotional cords
➤Get in touch with your deepest desires
➤Shift Your Wealth Stream
➤Access soul memories
➤Understand the nature of reality
➤Enter the Void for deep transformation
➤Integrate fully after spiritual expansion


This video contains layered audio that is specifically designed to be heard by the left and right ear. Make sure you use the best headphones you have, and that the left and right sides are correctly placed on your head.

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
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