Guided meditation series to connect with your future self.

Guided Meditation Series To Connect To Your Future Self.

Connecting with your Future Self will change your life

Use these methods to connect with your Future Self, whether it’s a specific version of yourself in the future or your ultimate Future Self, the Future Self at the end of time. 

Connecting with your Future Self will transform you at a very deep level, and it’s not a one time event — it’s an ongoing, dynamic relationship that yields profound healing, protection and a penetrating magic that is unique to every person. It is a kind of inner alchemy that leads to spiritual sovereignty.  

Aligning with your Future Self is the key to jumping reality streams

Quantum jumping, reality shifting, jumping timelines: these are names that people use to describe intentionally tuning into a specific reality stream and shifting your consciousness into it. If you’ve ever tried this,  you’ll know it’s simple — but not easy.

The process of connecting with your Future Self is a powerful aid to reality shifting. If you practice the three steps to meeting your Future Self, you’ll become familiar with releasing your current narrative (reality stream) so you can enter the Void. It is much more effective to enter a different reality stream from the Void state. 

How to meet your future self

This method to connect with your Future Self has three main stages: 

  1. Entering the Sanctuary
  2. Releasing the Armour
  3. Releasing Yourself into the Void

The guided meditations should be practiced separately, so you can become familiar with being in each separate stage. You might also notice that one stage in particular is harder for you, or you need to practice it more, or you’re just more drawn to it. Having the stages contained in separate meditations allows you to work with whichever one you need at the moment. 

The Full Future Self meditation audio contains all three stages in one track. This is very intense for most people — myself included! Give it the time and space it requires so you can go deeply — and deeper still — into this Void to attune to your Future Self. This includes leaving an unstructured, quiet stretch of time after the meditation. 

If you do any of the meditations just before you sleep (especially the Full Future Self mediation), keep a journal by your bed so you can record any dreams or impressions upon waking. 

Headphones are required

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
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What readers are saying about the Future Self Series

“You’ve taught me so much with this Future Self series. You have taught me how to circulate around me energy currents rather than blasting them all over the place. I’ve had a Sanctuary for many years, but never really understood what it was. You have taught me its significance and how to more intelligently use it.

“I have not been seeking enlightenment or the next big spiritual experience, but I have been seeking guidance for moving through this non-symbolic. Fumbling around and hoping for the best was actually working ok, but I was convinced a better way existed. This whole Future Self series has been a great source of guidance and Part IV especially has changed something.

“I now behold a brilliant conduit of energy that cuts through the Void. There are some differences in this conduit’s flavor compared to that of the Void. It is notably devoid of emotion despite its remarkable power. While the Void is a blinding darkness, an unstructured structure, this conduit has a defined shape and color to it. It also feels very grounded, solid, and stable rather than airy.

“The largest change however, is that it is now almost painful to displace from the present. Like a pendulum, I had been “wiggling” back and forth because I thought it was necessary to move around in time to process information, but since the shutdown of symbolic processing, maybe that’s not needed anymore…”

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