Charlatans, damn charlatans. How does one become enlightened?

Q: This woman claims to be awake. [URL of said woman’s website].

Sorry, but…no. Am I being judgmental?


Strand: I couldn’t get through reading the page. I’ve no real idea of what she is saying. I think I got to the point where she was looking for a foot rub. I couldn’t make it any further.

It’s totally normal for you to try to accredit the awakened status of various people who claim to be awakened. From my perspective, this is just a quirky thing that Sleepwalkers do. It’s like a Tinder thing….yes, no, left, right, swipe, swipe, swipe. And in the end, what? Will you collect a database of authentic awakened people? To what end?

Yes, you are judgmental. But that’s a quality common to Sleepwalkers, because it’s a faculty used by the persona/self in place of discernment.  There is discernment and judgement. One thing that I lost was the faculty of passing judgement. It’s just not there. However, I am incredibly, acutely discerning. When communicating, I often will sound to people as if I’m judgmental. Language has been built around, and for the purpose of describing, judgement. Discernment, not so much.

Why do people care if this or that person is enlightened? How does it benefit you? UG has told you to stop seeking and live. Do you think he is enlightened? If so, has it made a difference? You are still looking. You have not taken his advice. How about Jed? You’ve read a lot from him. You said he passed your Real Deal criteria, or whatever it was. Are you doing what he says then? Now will you collect five more authenticated awakened people… and then what?

All you need is one. Not because that one person can make you enlightened. But coming across one changes your paradigm. It lets you know this is real and is happening (not just has happened in the distant past to people in cultures you don’t have a connection with). It’s happening. After that, you can find out what’s happening with YOU.

Collecting the whole set of superhero cards is not going to make you a superhero. But what a fantastic ruse, brought to you by your persona self, for the purpose of diverting your very real and powerful longing to awaken…to free yourself from its grip. So long as the persona self can take that powerful focus and continually turn it outward in a state of acquisition, then it is safe and you will never let it just be, so that it can do what it’s meant to do and ignite your awakening. I was going to write there “never let it turn inward” but I feel you might misunderstand that to mean you have to go on some inner quest, which is not the case either. It’s more the cessation of going anywhere.


Q: I was googling ‘sex and awakening’ and her blog popped up. I saw right away that she distinctly said she awoke on November ?, 2011, so I though hmmm, let me browse around and see if she’s got anything worthwhile to share. Red flags: she wasn’t really saying anything except the typical New Age talk of paying attention to the Universe and it will manifest for you, justifying lusty encounters and drunken days with ‘following the spontaneity of the Universe’ blah, blah, blah. And then her consultation page: $250 for 75 minutes. Wow. For what, I wondered.

There are so many charlatans in this industry.

While it’s none of my business, it does make it harder for seekers to ever find their way, getting distracted by people selling flashy wares, stopping for years, giving their money, only to realize they were a fraud. Then they go looking for the next one.

There’s another woman someone told me about. She uses her sexuality to sell the notion that she’s awake and has special abilities. Again one must pay ridiculous amounts for her services, I’m sure.

I wish people would just call it by its proper name: a business selling feel-good antidotes and mystical reassurances that ‘everything is always okay’, referencing the Gita and whatever else when convenient. I cannot imagine that any of these people are awake by the content of their site, and yet they are duping the public, lulling them deeper into a sleepwalker coma.

I was just curious to see if there was other good content out there. I have received valuable information from Jed, you and U.G. that I have not found anywhere else, including between the three of you. To what end? Not sure! But there’s a momentum.


Strand: You will no doubt become an expert on the topic of enlightenment, but why would you settle for that? It’s a trick.

You imagine your “momentum” is something of value, but not if it’s circular. Better to be utterly still than deeply engaged in a circular momentum. And that’s what most of this seeking is.

I noticed that I got Jed-confirmed by a reader again. It’s getting a bit strange, all these people letting me know that either I’m confirming Jed or vice versa? Not sure. Maybe my next dose should just read, “Yeah, what he said.”

It’s not the charlatans who distract the seekers. I know it seems so, but a person finds their level. For instance, you are not likely to be distracted and led astray by an Amway or Herbalife multi level marketing pitch, nor are you in danger of being led off piste by the Jehovah’s Witnesses who show up at your door. But thousands, hundreds of thousands…I really don’t know the stats…but lots of people are totally hooked by that stuff. Why? If a person is attracted to a certain “distraction” it only really says something about the person, not so much the one selling wares.

But that made me wonder, if this Jed person has written it all out, and so well, why should I continue? I’m not saying anything that different, or maybe not different at all. Yet, my impression is that Jed is wielding the sharp edge of clarity. I completely understand that, and I can do the same. But I’ve spent the last few years actively, and sometimes rather painfully, learning to work within the Warmth. I don’t know yet what else to call it. There is this band of frequency, and if you can access it and work within it, it allows you to reach out with genuine care and warmth…and clarity. But part of that frequency exists within the dreamstate, so I’ve had to train myself to do this, which is surprisingly hard when one’s normal resting state is many octaves higher. If that makes any sense.

So I continue, in spite of being apparently Jed’s twin sister.

Q: You and Jed are not saying the same exact things. And even if ultimately you are, you are saying them in quite different ways and seem to have quite different personalities (even though you both have sharpness and clarity of expression in common). Jed doesn’t relate any sensory or physical changes in his being. The closest he comes to anything ‘mystical’ is some quick bits about how he’s been able to manifest in the dreamstate, things beyond ordinary comprehension. He eats whatever, drinks wine, doesn’t mention sex (though he notices attractive women) and claims to be awakened by ‘spiritual autolysis’, which he advocates. U.G. would say it absolutely cannot be done this way, that there is no method. This is what I find interesting. Every awakened person is unique, and thus has different perspectives to offer (assuming there is anything that can be given! Again, U.G. would say no!)


Strand: As for Jed’s process, I cannot say. No one can, not even UG.

I am inclined to agree with UG, but I cannot possibly make a statement that there is nothing one can do. I can only know my own experience, and mine is that there was no method. If I met another awakened person and they told me they did awaken via a process, then I would take their word on it.

But that has never happened.

And also, just because one person used a process that worked for them, it really doesn’t mean that the process itself is valid. It just means they did something and, subsequently (perhaps not consequently) they awoke.

Even Buddhism, which definitely has its moments, is kind of strange because it’s based on this man who did all these processes and finally gave up after nearly killing himself trying. Then he woke up. But what does that have to do with all the rules and regs of Buddhism? What does that have to do with the noble eight fold path? What does that have to do with taking refuge? The Buddha did not do any of these things. He gave up and sat under a tree.

There are people who become enlightened without a process who then go on to preach a process for enlightenment. I find it odd.

If I had been doing anything spiritual, like meditating, or mantra or whatever, at the same moment as I woke up, I STILL would not connect the two. I can’t explain clearly why this is. Only that it seemed so clear that I was just going to wake up at that moment, no matter what. Like it was inevitable, and whatever I did that led me there was great and perfect…but not the point. Perhaps this is why UG is so emphatic. It’s not that spiritual practices are bad. Some of them can make you a nicer person, with better moods and whatnot. All good stuff. But not the point.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to just say, “I don’t know.” Why is it so hard to stick to reportage…just saying what your own experience is and not having to make it everyone’s experience, or the way it is, or The Truth, or whatever. Awakened people speak with great authority. I think that is a very common quality among us. I know that I’ve become an absolute authority of my own life and experience, there is no turning outward anymore. Because I know I project this kind of authority (though it is only personal authority, ever), I feel it is even more important to make it clear that, “it is thus…for me.”


Q: I would really like to stop asking questions. I would like to be the absolute authority on my own life and experience too. You are lucky to be in that state.


Strand: As for having no more questions, at least not about spirituality, I guess I am fortunate.

But consider this: Within the space of a single second, I was just like you (a soulful, spiritually-minded, intelligent asleep person) and then I was like me, awake. Just try this. Count it. One (I’m like you) one thousand (AWAKE!). Out of the blue. Caused by nothing (that I can know). There is no space between. There is no time required. There is no climbing the mountain or stages or process or anything I can say is the state you and many others call “awakening“…like it’s happening a little here and there or a little more now than yesterday, etc.

In one single second, to go from one whole sphere of existence to another. It’s truly astounding. There is not a single reason in the world it won’t happen to you. I just don’t have any clue as to how. Or even if there is a how.


Q: So how do you suggest one should conduct themselves? Ignore the ideas of both spirituality and awakening altogether and just live as if you’ve never heard of either? Some say the compulsion to seek is that which is … IT (trying to experience Itself, or whatever; do refute this in your post if you need to!). But couldn’t this seeking compulsion be the mind as well? How does one know the difference? People keep saying YOU need to get out the way of IT (i.e, allow it)? I dunno.

I want to gather, collect, organize everything I think I need to awaken … which is taking me away from allowing it to happen. I should start printing your words on notecards, post them around my house … (see, another dilatory strategy! I’m on top of it here!)


Strand: I should clarify this: it’s not even really accurate to say you need to let it happen.

The YOU that will let it happen or deny it or whatever, in fact, has nothing at all to do with it. That’s the YOU that is seen to be unreal when you wake up. It’s an important point. Because even saying that gives you this false sense that you are now supposed to DO something, that something being allowing or letting or whatever.

Case in point, ME. Because I know my own experience best. So you know how it happened to me. I’ve explained it many times. And did I, at any point, say that I finally just stopped seeking and allowed it to happen? NO. I said I was just walking in the woods at night and it happened. So where is there even a place for this allowing crap? The thing is, it’s total nonsense that I need to try to clear up with you and with readers. There is a further explanation, which I think will be very useful. I’ll get to it when I can.

If I could endure the New Age stink, I would make my own version of Angel Cards, or whatever those things are. They are very popular. I could print the choice bits on cards and sell them. Only, I don’t actually know what is choice about what I say. To me it all actually sounds pretty basic. And there are probably 10 people who would even buy them, because they aren’t New Age and they are not particularly uplifting!

My ex best friend used to write out my advice on cards and tape them to her mirror. She would also record our phone calls so she could refer to what I said, because it blew her away when I said it. She took notes of our in-person conversations. She said it was life changing and totally profound. But in the end, she didn’t change. Not really. Just around the edges, but not fundamentally.

As for your other questions, you are still asking me what to do. Drop everything? Listen, don’t listen?

Are you in control of yourself to that degree? Can you stop being a seeker if I advise you to? Right now, can you utterly and completely abandon the search? Not just the actions, like reading spiritual material. But completely rip out the root of the search within you?

That is the first question. Should I, shouldn’t I…that’s too far down the road. How about, can you? And whatever you answer, just let yourself sit with that for a while and really absorb it.

And if you enjoy the mental sophistry of these notions that seeking is awareness trying to know itself or whatever…then enjoy that. When people say things like that it just makes me want to laugh. Not in a mocking way, but out of pure hilarity at the storytelling of it. Do you need to constantly fill in the blanks?

If you apprehend something directly, there is no need to tell a story about it. The apprehension is the end of it.

Imagine your brain is hooked up to some imaging machine and we can see all the activity displayed on a monitor. That’s kind of how I perceive you when you write to me. The screen shows your brain lighting up in all these areas and turning different glowing colors and zinging around all over the place. Mine is not. So when you are asking should I do this, should I do that, is this God trying to know herself, is this person or that person enlightened, and so on, all I want to do is make you still. If I could reach over to where you are and somehow pull you into my stillness, the absence of all this whirring machinery, I would do that.

I can’t tell you how I became this way. That’s the rub, isn’t it? I wonder, truly, if anyone can tell you how. I can point out the difference between your approach and mine, your experience and mine. So when I say that you are trying to “do” awake, I’m not suggesting you stop and “let” awake happen.

To be as clear as I can be, what I’m actually describing is what I see you doing and that it is very clear that this is not going to yield to you my state of awareness. Your momentum is circular. There is no relationship between my state of awareness and your seeking activities.

So if a dog is chasing its tail when it really wants to walk across the room and eat the food that was just laid out for it, an observer can say that there is no relationship between the thing the dog is doing and what it wants to do. Can one tell the dog HOW to stop chasing its tail? Other than, stop chasing your tail?

Or, eventually you will stop chasing your tail because you are exhausted. But it happens. You don’t do it. You just stop. Then you wonder what the fuq you were chasing your tail for when you could see and smell this food waiting for you just across the room. Then you go eat it, and life goes on, only without this spinning, crazy tail chasing. It takes so much effort to chase your tail, and somehow there is the notion that if you chase faster or just this way or that, then you will somehow get to the food. It’s just odd.

Maybe some day you don’t get tired of chasing your tail, but you just forget to. I don’t know. There are probably many reasons a person just loses that momentum and stops.

I’m not telling you to stop chasing your tail.
I’m saying, you are chasing your tail.
And that’s okay.