Feeling Something Isn’t Quite Right | Post Awakening Limbo

Sometimes you can find yourself stuck in spiritual limbo after a sudden spiritual awakening. 

It can take a while to even realize you are trapped in Limbo. How can  you tell? 

This is especially true when  your Limbo experience isn’t particularly unpleasant. Maybe nothing is actually “wrong” and yet there’s a feeling nagging at you that won’t go away.

Life was perfect. Or was it? Yes, yes it was. I was deeply content, fully nourished.

Was I?

This sudden knowledge that something wasn’t right, was fleeting. It would come into sharp clear focus, just for a moment, and then dissolve back from whence it came — leaving me feeling astonished and stunned, like someone had put a hand on my chest and pushed me backwards.

The source of this communication felt very familiar, and yet very far away…like it had to travel through many dimensions to deliver this one message, over and over.

The feeling began to resolve into a distinct message, “you’re not supposed to stay here.”

And “here” in this case, wasn’t just about a geographical location, but also, and most importantly, I wasn’t supposed to remain embedded so deeply in this frequency, in this magical, enchanted Shangri La…in spite of how well it apparently suited me, how obviously at home I was in this domain.

Just because you have a passport to another dimension doesn’t mean you are supposed to take up residence. The border is open to you to come and go, but your work and your dharma may be somewhere else.

Does this feel contrary? Take a rummage through your mental attic and find the dusty trunk labelled “Spiritual Icons”.

In it you’ll find many images and ideas of…usually a man…with a serene and wise countenance…in some form of isolated living…removed from people, from grotty life vignettes, like holidays with the in-laws or job interviews.

So there’s that. The trunk full of images that equate spiritual awakening with some kind of retreat or isolation from normal human life.

On the more mundane level, go to your Instagram feed and scroll through life design, life coaching or live your best life channels and what will you find?

Some version of Follow Your Bliss. If you’ve somehow found yourself in a state of nearly unparalleled contentment, comfort and union with nature and the wider world of spirit…if you have wandered into your own little Eden, why not stay? Isn’t peace, serenity, lack of conflict or discomfort the sure indications you are where you are supposed to be?

My ascendant is at the Zero Point of Aquarius. The sabian symbol is an Old Adobe Mission. I am not meant to take up residence in Eden, and send mystical yin soaked postcards from there out into the world. Unfortunately, because…that would be a nice gig. My essential nature is oriented in another direction.

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