Enter The Sanctuary

enter the sanctuary audio spell

Freedom From External Influence

A guided meditation to Create a private spiritual sanctuary — a safe space outside of time.

What does it feel like to be free of external influence?

Explore this first audio in the FUTURE SELF SERIES.

Practical reasons to learn to create a spiritual sanctuary

Learning to visualize and enter a safe, private spiritual sanctuary promotes deep relaxation and relieves the burden of nervous tension that results from being constantly bombarded by advertising, propaganda, device notifications and pervasive surveillance. If you do this regularly it can help you think and feel with more clarity.

Magical reasons to learn to create a spiritual sanctuary

Learning to create and enter a space outside of time that is entirely free of outside influence gives you a safe, energetically clear place in which you can do your spiritual practices. You’ll notice how much easier it is to recognize and access your core frequency once you completely remove the energetic static, as well as the manipulations that operate all around us.

Spiritual Sovereignty Is Your Natural State

It is your most integrated state of being. It’s your natural state, and doesn’t represent any special attainment — and yet it’s uncommon. 

We operate through a veil of default programming, as well as an astonishing amount of external influence. This parasitic influence is pressed upon us on so many levels, it creates a kind of false or synthetic reality. We live pretty much exclusively within these bands of parasitic influence, to the point where it feels normal, like reality.

Once in a while, when we briefly break out of these bands, out of the trance of separation, of slavery, we regard these as peak spiritual experiences. When all we’ve done is briefly pop into our natural state of being. 

Create a Sanctuary

I’m able to create spaces, like little pocket dimensions. It’s not something I generally talk about with anyone, and I’ve always just done it as second nature, often without thinking about it. I do this for myself, but I also do it for other people.

One type of space I create is called a Clean Room, which is a type of Sanctuary space. It’s a space where absolutely nothing that isn’t Myself can interact with me in any way. I created this kind of space initially as a refuge, because I’m so Ultra Sensory that I’m just constantly bombarded with information, way too many forms of communication from all directions. I created it as an ultimate way to unplug and be truly alone, let my nervous system be completely free from any external input.

It worked really well for that, but I noticed immediately entering a clean room sanctuary does so much more than that.

Rest In Your Natural State

There are these bands or frequencies of influence, they are pervasive on every level. When you enter a space that is completely free of influence, well…I hesitate to tell you anything more than this. I don’t want to tell you what you should expect to experience, based on my own experience. So I’ll just propose these questions: 

What does it feel like to be free of influence? 

What is the result of regularly entering a space free of influence? 

I hope you’ll engage with this practice and see what it yields over time. Sure, it’s relaxing to do it once or twice, but the real shift happens over time, develops over time. Which is such a paradox, because you’re actually drawing on an energy from a space outside of time. 

Passionate Embrace With The Future Self

This is the first audio in the Future Self Series. I exist in a passionate embrace with my future self. I don’t know if the term “future self” is the best one, you may find it confusing or just awkward. It’s my name for it, and you can call it anything you like. 

There are dangers when attempting to connect with your future self. Not because your future self is in any way harmful, but because you are making yourself vulnerable to delusion and a heightened level of manipulation and control. 

If you haven’t firmly established your spiritual sovereignty, it’s really easy to fool you into believing you’ve connected with your “higher self” when in fact you’ve just been expertly redirected ever so slightly so that you are facing in the direction of a false light, a kind of synthetic fake spiritual experience. I call this the dark light. Perhaps in future posts I’ll explain why.

Hubris Is Fatal

Even if you are grounded in your spiritual sovereignty, I would still approach the future self by first creating and entering a clean room sanctuary. I never underestimate the machinations and sophistication of the parasites. I’ve seen them pull off the most incredible stunts. 

Some of them specialize in trapping and feeding off those who have reached very high levels of spiritual awareness. It’s like ordering puffer fish at a high end sushi restaurant. In many respects, the more pure and strong your frequency is, the more irresistible you will be to these particular kinds of parasites. 

Don’t be fooled. At first, when you get your energy at such a high and pure level, you’ll see that the lower parasites will scatter and flee. They can’t abide it. You’ll be fooled then into thinking you’re safe from all parasites, but there are many more apex predators out there, and they are counting on you letting your guard down, overestimating your ability, underestimating what’s out there just because you haven’t encountered it yet. 

Part of the deception is all the Enlightenment Lore we’ve been fed in various forms. Even if we don’t explicitly believe any of it, it’s sunk in…it’s there in your database until you completely purge it. This lore has Jesus or the Buddha or Shiva waving their pure light energy around and casting out every unclean thing. And there are lots of New Age correlates to this kind of dangerous half truth. 

Don’t fall for this. Be humble. Be wise. Cultivate your sanctuary. Cultivate and guard your spiritual sovereignty. It’s not really something you “do” — it’s a way you live. 

Enter The Sanctuary

I’ve created this clean room for you. You can step into this spiritual sanctuary and see what it’s like. It becomes yours when you step into it, and you can make it anyway that suits you. Or you can create your own from scratch, if you are able to do that. Once you have made it your own and claimed this space and its properties, you don’t need to listen to the audio to access it, though you always can if you enjoy it or if it makes it easier for you. 

For now, just see what being free from influence is like. I’d love to know how you experience interacting with this spiritual sanctuary. Let me know in the youtube comments! 

Enter the sanctuary meditation.

Entering The Sanctuary

15 minutes 44 seconds
Binaural, listen with headphones
Make sure the correct speaker is in each ear (right, left)
Layered audio meditation
Listen on youtube


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