Enlightenment Series

Get a Grip: Life, Sex and Relationships After Kundalini Awakening

Reader Question: I really seem to attract men. But if I get intimate with them, some difficulties start to arise. I’m trying to see someone,… read

Coping with the strange effects of spiritual awakening or Kundalini blowout

Reader Question: I may have a clue, what you mean by being micro and macro. I guess my state is pretty much macro all the… read

Checking in or checking out?

How to jump back in the petri dish of humankind. Like many people who wake up, I went through many phases of working within this… read

A day in a life

Let me tell you about my day — October, 2014. I woke up in my house in the woods and by the sea, before dawn.… read

Fear In Transition

I know what you mean about needing to withdraw from being the center of all that energy and attention for a while. And I know… read

Fist Full of Dollars

I don’t do spiritual practices in order to have specific experiences. I find that the process has its own momentum and I don’t need to… read

Enlightenment, Desire, Sex & Time

Ever wonder what post enlightenment sex is like?  Concepts like Brahmacharya now make perfect sense, but not as a struggle against sex or desire. Sudden… read

Shifting The Location of Consciousness

Where do you experience the seat of your consciousness?  If you are undergoing changes brought on by a sudden spiritual awakening, this may shift to… read

Reading And Enlightenment

Sudden enlightenment can bring on a cascade of potentially disturbing phenomena.  Your brain may not work the way it used to.  For instance, you may… read