Dropping Into The Void

Moon in a twilight sky.

Investigating the nature of reality: what is the Void State?

Reality, or the manifested world, pops in and out of existence.

It’s kind of like a sine wave — above the midline the world exists, then it drops below the midline and does not. It does this continuously, all the time. ⠀

Our minds stitch together the “manifestation”, the above-the-midline parts of the wave, and we experience continuity — an unbroken chain.

in fact, we are constantly dropping into the Void. we spend equal time under the midline as we do above it.

When we pop back above the midline, there is no absolute reason things should be the same as before we dropped into the Void. ⠀

I realize this all sounds like metaphysical cotton candy. How can you know this is true, and more importantly, if it is true, so what?

When I woke up, I went through a period of experiencing this sine wave of existence. I’ve no idea how, but I perceived the movement. And when we crossed the midline on the way up, there was a loud sound that accompanied it, like breaking the sound barrier. ⠀

Obviously, no one can live like that, constantly perceiving this movement. So luckily it was temporary.

Then we get to the all important so what? This question is at the heart of everything for me. If it has no place in the actual living of one’s life, what is its significance?

Watch the video

Best enjoyed with earphones — watch this one minute video for a brief immersion into this movement between manifested reality and the Void.

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