Wake Up in the Dream

Ready to Seed Your Dreams?

Use these powerful guided meditation audio spells for advanced dreaming

Lush, subliminal, binaural and deeply layered audio spells for advanced dreaming. Seed your dreams: perfect for listening before you sleep at night or during day naps that you are doing intentionally for transformation.

Audio Spells require headphones

These have been created to be used with headphones. Use the best headphones you have, the quality makes a big difference. Make sure the L/R sides are on the correct ears.

I use Soundcore headphones and airpods pro earbuds
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DREAM SEED: Audio Spells For Dreaming

Dream Seeds Audio Spell 1

Dream Seeds 2 Audio Spell

Dream Seeds 3 Audio Spell

Dream Physics.

We can learn so much about reality from dreaming

Read these mind bending explorations of The Dreaming Mind — and how exploring the dream state and dream physics can seep into, and permanently alter, our consciousness.

Blog Posts

Advanced Dreaming

Interview: Advanced Dreaming

Exploring the physics of dreams. Join me in this ongoing exchange with Elizabeth about dreaming. What do dreams mean? Are they just mind stuff or do we journey to different places? Are there useful techniques for advanced dreamers? 

Full moon in clouds.

Dream Yoga: Remaining Conscious During Sleep

The effects of doing dream yoga after spiritual awakening can be fruitful…and strange. My late husband lived in a Tibetan Bonpo monastery for months at a time, where he assisted in cataloging and translating their extensive library. He often photocopied teachings he thought I would find interesting, and among these was a short treatise on dream yoga.

Hummingbird in the air.

The Dream Within the Dream

Is there any point to telling dreamers that they are dreaming? I get the call around 2am and rush to put some clothes on, trying to bring myself to a sufficient wakefulness to drive through the unlit forest roads to the hospital. Car accident. Ambulance. We’re not sure. Hurry. The redwoods are beautiful, any time of day. But I’m rarely out at this hour, and the animals seem different. The air feels different. I drive…

Crystal balls hanging.

Dreaming You Are Asleep

Finally, morning came. And why not? Who needs the night to stretch on and one when there isn’t a moment of sleep in it? My sweetie awoke, ran his fingers through my hair and said good morning. Finally, having someone to share my sorry sleeplessness with, I exclaimed that it was not a good morning, and that I was positively wrecked from not sleeping a wink the whole night through.

View of hills from a train.

What’s the Point of Lucid Dreaming?

Seeking or avoiding boredom in dreams. But it’s really telling, that combo. Pleasure seeking and avoiding boredom. What does that mean to you?

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