Beautiful Sleepwalkers Series

Inner Dialogue vs Outer Diaologue

Normal is not the same as sane. What makes you different from the crazy homeless lady, dressed in rags, talking nonsense day after day?  She’s… read

Reality Check: People In Real Life

Why is the reality of dealing with individual people in real life so different than how we feel about people in general? That impersonal love… read

Happy Pizza & the Meaning of Everything

Lifting the veil and coming back empty handed. There used to be an infamous pizza joint in Phnom Penh called Happy Pizza. Who knows how the… read

Demystification of Enlightenment

A reader recently submitted the following: “I see this as a trend toward the general de-mystification of enlightenment, along the lines of what has been… read

Surrender vs Resignation

Deprogramming is not about improving one’s life. It’s about being oneself, within one’s life. It’s being the author of one’s life, within the parameters of… read

Dreaming You Are Asleep

Reframing one’s understanding of experience. In my early twenties, I used to suffer from occasional insomnia. Normally I slept very well, but once in a… read

Figuring Out Who is Enlightened and Who is Not and How to Become Enlightened

Charlatans, damn charlatans. How does one become enlightened? It’s totally normal for you to try to accredit the awakened status of various people who claim… read

Recommendations: One More Bump Should Do The Trick

People often contact me asking for recommendations on spiritual books, workshops or practices after having a profound awakening experience. Full awakening is life altering. Seeing… read

The Door That Death Opens

“Is there a word halfway between hello and goodbye? Because that’s the word my soul is trying to say.” ~ Jarod Kintz A reader recently… read

Avoiding People and Social Interactions

Do you feel so little common ground with people and society that you’d rather just withdraw and not bother? You are still not awake, but… read

Sage Advice

When to seek spiritual advice I love Nissargadatta, but I wouldn’t take any advice from Nissargadatta about anything other than high level, real deal enlightenment.… read

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Drop the spiritual search and allow enlightenment to happen! What rubbish. One lovely reader said they were looking forward to this, my ultimate statement on… read