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Get to know your way around the Human Mental Apparatus. Your mind isn’t the enemy. It’s just a tool you haven’t learned to use.

Managing Emotional Intensity in a Crisis

The unfolding covid-19 crisis, racial tensions and financial uncertainty is flooding us with personal and ambient emotional intensity. You can go where those rushing emotions take you, or you can practice mastery.


The Truth About Parenting (and about growing up)

Whether you're a parent or not, this is important for everyone. A lot of the issues that come up in parenting are really not even about our kids, but about ourselves -- how we process our own childhood experience, our unconscious beliefs about our childhoods. 


The Bodhisattva’s Guide to Dealing With Trump Supporters

I've been friends with Doug since I was 18, and he knows I am totally apolitical. I've never discussed politics, never cared to and absolutely nothing we were talking about as we walked along the beach could have possibly precipitated the sudden Trump Is The Man monologue that seemingly came to life out of nowhere. I think we were actually discussing ice cream. 


How To Cope With The Pain of Life

The world is going to break your heart. To pieces. Or maybe it will feel more like having your heart slowly wrung out, like a wet rag, until the last possible drop is squeezed out. Whether it's the shattering impact of sudden trauma or a long, grinding away, like being slowly but surely overtaken by a glacier -- heartbreak happens.


Spirituality, Meditation, Psychology and the Effects of Child Abuse

Does being abused as a child damage your soul? Is it possible that the current received wisdom of psychology is incorrect? I don't think of myself as a survivor of child abuse. Other than...I got out before they killed me, which was actually a real concern. So literally, I survived. But this is not in any way part of some identity that I walk through life with.


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