Intelligent Spirituality + Human Potential

Are you still operating from your mind’s default mode?

Get to know your way around the Human Mental Apparatus. You’re not who you think you are. Where do your thoughts come from? Are they even yours? Do you allow an inner Narrator to stand as a filter between you and every perception, every feeling, every experience? Are you able to self-regulate your thoughts and moods? Are you able to choose your perspective?

We’re thrust into this human vehicle at birth without any kind of manual on how to operate it. It’s never too late to learn.

Your mind isn’t the enemy. It’s just a tool you haven’t learned to use.

Basic Human Series

Working With Your Flaws Like a Pro

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Deprogramming childhood survival programs

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Relaxing into the Paradox

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Developing Agency: becoming someone you can trust

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Drama Addict

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The Power of No

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Deprogramming is Possible

I think what’s hard is not knowing where to apply ourselves…spending our energy in places where we are ultimately spinning our wheels, which is exhausting… read

Under The Hood: Perfection

Perfectionism is a Program Do you have the Perfectionism Program constantly running in the background of your Operating System? Do you keep adjusting your behavior… read

What’s You and Not You

Are these yours? Today let’s investigate what’s you, and what’s not you. What’s yours and what’s not yours. These are topics we work on at length in… read

Bombardment Tactics

What happens when the Programs fight back? Imagine you are playing tennis with the Programs. You’ve got a nice volley going—they hit the ball to… read

Negative Self Talk: The Inner Dialogue

Is your inner talk show host a bully, critic, heckler, naysayer, worrier, doom monger, hysteric? What’s playing in that pretty head of yours? One of… read

Lessons From Day Trading: Dealing With Thought Loops

What can day trading teach you about mastering your mind? People assume my ability to master thoughts and emotions is a byproduct of spiritual enlightenment.… read