Basic Human Series

Negative Self Talk: The Inner Dialogue

Is your inner talk show host a bully, critic, heckler, naysayer, worrier, doom monger, hysteric? What’s playing in that pretty head of yours? One of… read

The Power of No

The holidays are a wonderful time to embrace the potency of saying no. As I write this we’re putting a wrap on November and heading… read

How to manage being overwhelmed by thought loops

What to do when you go from one thought loop to another? How to deal with the sheer number of these programs? One of the… read

Learn to navigate your mind intentionally

How to interrupt thought loops and take control over your own mind. Still want to stay in Default Mode or are you ready for an… read

Developing Agency: becoming someone you can trust

One of the ways we give up authorship and sovereignty is by not being internally trustworthy. What happens when you make a decision to do… read

Observation: your greatest ally

Let’s look at the difference between the mind trying to structure your experience and clear, open observation. Should. The word seems innocuous enough, but when… read

Everything Must Go!

What about thoughts I need to think? Yes, I hear you. You’ve got stuff you need to think about. Work issues, practical issues, it’s not… read

Feeling Guilty About Things Other People Do

Reader Question: I’ve been doing the Peerless exercises and trying to be aware of what belongs to me and what doesn’t. One thing I’ve noticed… read

Bombardment Tactics

Imagine you are playing tennis with the Programs. You’ve got a nice volley going—they hit the ball to you, you are able to see it,… read

Continuing in the Face of Discouragement

I gather, guard and transmit my power, my essence, my signature. It’s really quite effortless and natural at this point, but can you even imagine… read

Under The Hood

Perfectionism is a Program Do you have the Perfectionism Program constantly running in the background of your Operating System? Do you keep adjusting your behavior… read

Relaxing into the Paradox

All of your so called waking hours, the mental apparatus is arranging and rearranging the furniture, so to speak,  to create your unique experience of… read