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Peerless Series

Are you at the mercy of your thoughts, emotions and programming?


The Peerless Series covers getting centered, grounded and cultivating personal agency. Take a 15 week journey with me…I’ll give you practical guidance and effective techniques to master your mind & emotions, one lesson at a time.

This is the fundamental beginners series that underpins all intermediate and advanced series.


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Mastery Series

I’ll give you the tools, perspectives and techniques to stop being a passenger and get in the driver’s seat.


Weekly audio lessons cover a range of topics, from mood management, attitude adjustment, getting the upper hand with thought loops, meditations to remove deep programming, busting out of cherished ruts and more.

If you haven’t taken the Peerless Series, I recommend you do because you’ll have a solid foundation for this course, but it’s not required.


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I received this feedback from a student in the Mas I received this feedback from a student in the Mastery response to the lesson called "Shifting Reality Streams"⠀
"Ah, I had a big struggle with that, getting down on myself and it really feeling like a big giant battle against myself. ⠀
Something has shifted , .....there is less magnetism, less stickiness feels different! ⠀
It feels more grounded and stable and is open to really looking at all this openly and without battle and without judgement, just curious that it is happening. ⠀
If there is an entity feeding off of me, that I am a food source for something, well, the lion isn't evil because he eats the zebra, but the zebra certainly doesn't lay down and say "eat me".⠀
Have gotten a much better handle on recognizing default mode and daydreaming. Had a great moment of realizing what are my thoughts vs implanted ones. Have also really come to see how boring! the default mode is, always thinking about the same things, saying the same thing in different ways, over and over again....I can come up with much more interesting stuff."
Mastering your focus is critical. Slackers will ei Mastering your focus is critical. Slackers will either crash and burn or be stranded.⠀
Your upgrade gives you power and speed. One degree can change your trajectory by a million miles.⠀
If you feel a tiny grain in the flow, remove it and keep flowing. Take action when your attention is impeccable, not when it is fixated. Action that arises out of impeccable awareness does not create misbegotten children.
One of the fundamentals we cover in Peerless...lea One of the fundamentals we cover in Peerless...learning to distinguish which thoughts and feelings are yours. What's yours. What's not yours. What you find can be quite surprising. People who are really emotional are often not experiencing their own emotions at all, just picking up and embodying ambient emotions. It's surprising how much of what runs through your mind and emotional system doesn't belong to you, doesn't even have anything to do with you. It's taxing, confusing and unnecessary. This video has audio, so be sure to tap on sound.
Synthetic Self: "I'll do this practice and go deep Synthetic Self: "I'll do this practice and go deep within to find my higher self, my essential nature."⠀
The Synth, or your persona, has only mechanical things inside. Programs, apps, data storage, etc. ⠀
I see you, and you are massive, immeasurable. Your Synth is like a tiny hologram inside of you, a useful tool. So it's interesting that you rummage about inside the Synth, seeking what is not inside the Synth. Seeking. Being a seeker. Becoming a Seeker. You'll find plenty to look at, lots to discover and tinker with. I rather enjoy tinkering inside my Synth. Only, it's not what you were looking for. ⠀
I stand in a room with other people, and I'm massive. I take up the whole room, and more. My consciousness is immeasurable, rolling in and out like the tides. People don't see this. They don't even look for it. The brain is set to match a pattern, and the pattern they are trying to match is the Synth. They are looking for the hologram. ⠀
We are massive, undulating and moving like ocean size bodies of water. We also have a Synth tool, a tiny hologram. We are the same, only your location differs. Your default location, where you focus your awareness and "reside"...the place you call Home and Self, is the Synth.⠀
Your pattern recognition is set to Synth - to recognize yours and those of others. The world to you is populated by Synths, and the other...the Spirit or consciousness or whatever...this is an exotic thing. A mysterious thing. Because you can't see it directly, even though it is the most mundane, the most's everywhere. You don't recognize it easily. So it seems elusive, "spiritual".

Being Human: Are you Pro or Amateur?

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Spirituality, Meditation, Psychology and the Effects of Child Abuse

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Sudden spiritual enlightenment — are you kidding?

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Spiritual Seekers Series: Deep Dream Diving with Beautiful Sleepwalkers. 

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Ultra Sensory Chronicles

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